Who is Kimberly A. Martin’s Husband Jeffrey Roberts? Bio 2024

Kimberly A. Martin‘s Husband Jeffrey Roberts got married in 2014. They love each other a lot. Both of them share the same ideas and feelings. This makes their life together very happy and peaceful.

They always support and understand each other. This has made their bond very strong. Kimberly is known for being great at covering sports news.

Together, Kimberly and Jeffrey dream and plan their future. They make a perfect team, just like in sports. Their marriage is like a winning match.

They show us how two people can work together beautifully. Jeffrey stands by Kimberly, cheering her on in her career. They show what a true partnership looks like. It’s pretty incredible how they share everything and grow together.

Who Is Kimberly A. Martin?

Who is Kimberly Martin’s Husband? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Kimberly A. Martin is super good at covering sports news. She been with ESPN since 2002. That’s a long time! She started off talking all about NFL games. Imagine getting to talk about football for your job! Over the years, she got even better at her work. People everywhere think she’s fantastic at what she does.

She’s not just good; she’s at the top of sports discussions on TV. And guess what? She started this incredible journey in Brooklyn, New York. Now, she’s a big name in sports media. Everyone who likes sports probably knows her.

She’s like a superstar in the world of sports journalism. Plus, she’s a role model for many young girls who also dream about talking sports. So, Kimberly isn’t just covering games; she’s also inspiring people. That’s pretty cool.

Kimberly Martin Biography/wiki

Real nameKimberley Martin
Date of birth9 Jan, 1984
BirthplaceBrooklyn, NYC
ProfessionSports Reporter
Zodiac signCapricorn
Marital statusMarried
Alma materWesleyan University
Net worth$600,000

Kimberly Martin’s Education

Kimberly Martin is super bright. She studied lots of cool things. First, she went to Wesleyan University.

There, she learned about people’s minds and black studies. It sounds like she was swamped! After that, she didn’t stop learning. Kimberly wanted to know even more. So, she went to a particular school called S.I. Newhouse School.

It’s at Syracuse University. There, she got even more brilliant. She studied writing for magazines and newspapers. And how to share news online.

This helped her become great at her job. She learned how to tell stories that people enjoy reading. And that’s why she’s so good at talking about football now. Isn’t it cool how knowing so much can help you do your dream job?

Kimberly Martin’s Family

Kimberly grew up in the big, bustling city of Brooklyn. Her parents were always by her side. They helped her become the person she is today. Not much is known about her mom and dad. But they did a great job.

Kimberly’s love for sports probably started at home. Maybe they watched games together. Or they talked about famous players.

Who is Kimberly Martin’s Husband? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Her family’s support didn’t stop there. They encouraged her to chase her dreams. That’s really important for a kid. Thanks to them, Kimberly learned to work hard. And to believe in herself. This confidence helped her in school.

And later in her career. Her family’s love and guidance made all the difference. They must be proud of what she has achieved.

Kimberly Martin Husband

Jeffrey Roberts is not just Kimberly’s husband. He is her best buddy, too. They met and tied the knot in 2014. Their story is like a fairy tale but real. Jeffrey supports Kimberly in her extensive career. He cheers for her when she talks on TV. They share a love for sports and stories. Together, they make a super team.

Imagine having a friend who is always there. That’s Jeffrey for Kimberly. They laugh, share, and build dreams together. Life is an adventure for them.

They explore new things and enjoy every moment. Jeffrey believes in Kimberly dreams as much as she does. This makes their bond extra unique. They show us friendship and love can mix perfectly.


Kimberly Martin comes from an excellent mix of backgrounds. It’s like a puzzle where every piece is from a different picture. This makes her unique.

Her ethnicity adds to her extraordinary personality. It’s a part of who she is, just like how chocolate chips are to cookies. We don’t know all the details, but it’s clear.

Kimberly’s mix makes her unique. It shapes how she sees the world. And how the world sees her. It’s like having a superpower. This superpower lets her connect with more people. It helps her in her job, too.

Telling stories from different viewpoints is essential. And Kimberly can do that really well. Her background is a big plus in her storytelling. It’s astonishing how being from other places can do that.


Guess what? Kimberly loves pizza with extra cheese. Yes, really! She thinks it’s the best food ever. Also, she has a cute dog named Max.

Max is fluffy and loves to play fetch. On weekends, Kimberly enjoys hiking. She finds excellent trails to explore. It’s her way to relax and have fun. Oh, and she’s a big fan of superhero movies.

Her favorite is “The Avengers”. She can watch it over and over again. Kimberly also has a secret talent. She’s really good at drawing cartoons. Her friends love her artwork. Sometimes, she doodles during meetings. But shh, that’s our little secret.

Lastly, she collects sneakers. She has all sorts of colors and styles. Her collection is super cool. So, now you know some fun facts about Kimberly Martin.

Before Fame

Long before Kimberly Martin became famous, she was a kid. Just like us, she had dreams. Big ones! She loved sports from the start. Imagine her watching games, cheering loudly. She lived in Brooklyn, a place full of energy.

This city made her tough and ready for anything. Kimberly went to school, where she learned a lot. Not just about math or science but about teamwork too. Playing with friends, she knew being part of a team was fun. She also loved to write. Sometimes, she wrote stories about her favorite players.

Her parents saw her talent and cheered her on. They told her she could do anything. So, Kimberly kept dreaming and working hard. Little did she know, her dreams were about to come true. She was on her way to becoming a star in sports journalism.

Kimberly Martin’s Career

Kimberly Martin’s career is super remarkable and exciting. She started small but worked super hard. First, she wrote stories for newspapers.

Then, she got an excellent job at ESPN. Here, she talks about NFL football games. Kimberly meets famous football players and coaches. She learns their secrets and shares them with us.

Who is Kimberly Martin’s Husband? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Also, she goes on TV and looks really professional. Her job is to make football fun for us. She travels to different cities for games. Every day, she learns something new. Kimberly always has incredible stories to tell. Her work makes her happy, and she’s really good at it.

People everywhere listen when she talks about football. Kimberly is a star in sports journalism. We can’t wait to see what she does next. She shows us that dreams do come true with hard work.


Kimberly Martin is 39 years old now. She celebrates her birthday every year on January 9th. She was born back in 1984. That might seem like a long time ago. But look at all she has done since then! Kimberly’s journey started in Brooklyn, New York.

Who is Kimberly Martin’s Husband? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

That’s a place full of stories and dreams. And guess what? She’s living her dream today. Even at 39, she keeps achieving new things. Her age doesn’t slow her down. Instead, it shows how wise and experienced she is. Kimberly proves that age is just a number.

What really counts is how much you believe in yourself. And she thinks a lot. So, remember, no matter how old you are, your dreams are valid, just like Kimberly’s. Keep chasing them, and who knows? One day, you’ll achieve just as much.

Height and Weight

Kimberley Martin looks up to the world from 5 feet 5 inches. Her height makes her noticeable. Around her, her hair waves like it’s saying hello. And when she smiles, it’s like the sun coming out. She weighs about 156 pounds, showing she’s strong. Her body tells us she takes good care of herself.

Being healthy lets her chase her dreams every day. Plus, her energy seems endless, just like her passion.

She moves with confidence, whether she’s on TV or writing. This confidence helps her stand out in the sports world. Kimberly’s height and weight are just numbers, really. But they add to her unique story. In her journey, they’re symbols of her strength and determination.

Kimberley Martin ESPN

Before Kimberley became a sports news star, she did something different. Right after college, in 2003, she jumped into a job at U.S. Trust. She was super important there, making sure everything in the business Development part ran smoothly. She was like the team captain but for business stuff.

Then, she switched to something she loved even more – talking about sports. When Kimberley joined ESPN, it was a big deal. She didn’t just talk about sports; she zoomed in on NFL games.

That’s football, by the way. Imagine getting to watch football and then telling everyone what happened! That’s what Kimberley does, and she’s fantastic at it. She ensures we all get the games’ most incredible updates and stories.

And the best part? She makes it fun and easy to understand, just like we’re chatting at recess. So, from business suits to sports jerseys, Kimberley’s journey is like an incredible adventure story.

She shows us that you can start in one place and end up somewhere different – and unique.

Who is Kimberly Martin’s Husband? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height and Career

Personal life

In 2014, something really extraordinary happened. Kimberley Martin and Jeffrey Roberts got married. They chose the busy streets of New York City for their big day. It was like a scene from a movie, full of excitement and love.

They became a team, not just in life but in dreams, too. Together, they’re exploring what the world offers. They share laughs and plan adventures.

It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night. They support each other, no matter what. If one has a bad day, the other is there to cheer them up. Their home is filled with joy and kindness.

Plus, they make decisions together, from small ones to big ones. Indeed, Kimberley and Jeffrey show us how fun and sweet married life can be.

Kimberly Martin Children & Family

Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts have been married for a while. They’ve had lots of fun together since 2014. But guess what? They decided not to have kids. Instead, they focus on each other and their adventures.

They enjoy every day to the fullest, just the two of them. It’s like they are on a never-ending honeymoon. Also, they have more time for their careers.

Kimberly is super busy with sports journalism. Jeffrey supports her all the way. They also travel a lot. Seeing new places is something they love doing together.

In addition, they can spend quiet evenings at home. Just then, watching a movie or talking. Their choice shows there are many ways to be a happy family.

Kimberly Marn’s Husband’s Net Worth

Guess what? Kimberly Martin and her husband are like a superhero team. But instead of fighting bad guys, they’re tackling life together.

Now, let’s talk about something super cool money By 2022, Kimberly has saved up a giant treasure chest, almost like a pirate. Her treasure is about $800,000! Wow, that’s a lot of gold coins.

Kimberly got all this treasure by being super bright. She wrote stories, talked about sports on TV, and even made some wise choices with her money. It’s like she has a map that leads to treasure, and she’s really good at following it.

Her husband must be super proud of her. They probably high-five each other all the time because they make such a great team. Isn’t that awesome?

Kimberly Martin’s Husband’s Favorite Things

  • Pizza Parties: Just like a lot of us, Jeffrey loves pizza. It’s his go-to meal for a fun night. Cheese and pepperoni are his favorites, yum!
  • Movie Nights: They often snuggle up for movie marathons. Superhero films are at the top of their list. Imagine watching Batman save the day together!
  • Sports Galore: It’s no surprise here, but Jeffrey is a big sports fan. Football Sundays are sacred in their house. They cheer and shout for their favorite teams.
  • Beach Getaways: When they need a break, the beach calls their name. Building sandcastles and chasing waves make for perfect days.
  • Board Games: Rainy days mean board game battles. Monopoly and Scrabble are their picks. It’s all about fun and a little friendly competition.

Fun Facts about Kimberly Martin’s Husband

  • Secret Super Chef: Jeffrey can cook super well. He makes the best pancakes.
  • Kimberly loves them a lot. They have pancake Sundays.
  • DIY King: He loves fixing things around the house. It’s like magic. One day, a chair is wobbly. The next, it’s perfect.
  • Gardening Guru: Jeffrey has a green thumb. Their garden is full of flowers. And he grows yummy veggies. 
  • They have the best salads.
  • Sneaker Collector: He has an extensive collection of fabulous shoes. It’s like a treasure chest, but for sneakers.
  • Kimberly thinks it’s enjoyable.
  • Comic Book Fanatic: Jeffrey loves comic books a lot. He has a pile of them.
  • They sometimes read them together. It’s super fun.
  • Music Lover: He plays the guitar really well. Sometimes, he writes songs. 
  • Kimberly says it’s like having a concert at home.
  • Animal Whisperer: They have a cute dog. Jeffrey is great with him.
  • The dog does tricks for treats. It’s adorable to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kimberley Martin married?

Yes, Kimberley Martin is married! She and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, are like two peas in a pod. They do everything together and have a lot of fun. Kimberly thinks Jeffrey is the best teammate she could ever ask for. It’s like they’re on a never-ending adventure together!

Who is Kimberly on ESPN First Take?

Kimberly A. Martin is a super cool reporter on ESPN First Take. She talks about the NFL and knows a lot about football. Imagine knowing all the players and teams like the back of your hand – that’s Kimberly! She started working with ESPN in 2002 and has been sharing fantastic stories ever since. People really enjoy listening to what she has to say about the games.


Kimberly and Jeffrey are indeed a dream team. They both write stories and share them with the world. Since 2014, they’ve been on a fantastic journey together. They think it’s important to focus on their work and be best friends.

Right now, they don’t have kids, but they do have lots of adventures. They help each other be the best they can be, just like in their favorite superhero movies.

They’ve built a life full of fun, whether it’s eating pizza or playing games. Kimberly and Jeffrey prove that when you have someone special by your side, life is an exciting story waiting to be told.

Together, they’re ready for whatever comes next, hand in hand. Isn’t that just the coolest thing ever?

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