Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann Age, Family

Meet Matt Walsh’s wife, Alissa Ann Linnemann, also known as Alissa Walsh. They’ve been happily married for about ten years. Alissa was born in the 80s, a bit of an enigma. She’s tall, standing at 6 feet, and weighs around 175 pounds.

She has a sister and loves baking fancy cakes for her. The couple has six kids—can you imagine the chaos? It all started with twins Luke and Julia in 2013.

Alissa has had a diverse career and made a big impact in different fields.

Who is Matt Walsh’s Wife?

Alissa Ann Linnemann, who goes by Alissa Walsh, is super cool. She married Matt Walsh about ten years ago. Together, they’re like a team, raising six kids, which sounds like a fun, if not a little chaotic, adventure. Alissa’s really tall and loves to bake fabulous cakes for her sister.

Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann Age, Family

Imagine getting a giant, tasty cake every year for your birthday! She’s also had many different jobs, showing she can do just about anything she sets her mind to. Plus, with twins named Luke and Julia as part of their family, there’s never a dull moment in their house.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Biography/wiki

NameMatt Walsh
BornJune 18, 1986
Age37 years old (2023)
OccupationsPolitical commentator, media host, columnist, author
SpouseAlissa Ann Linnemann (m. 2011)
Net Worth$7 million

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Education

Alissa Ann Linnemann, who we know as Alissa Walsh, has a story. But, when it comes to school, things get a bit hazy. Like a puzzle, her education journey is fascinating. We imagine she went to school somewhere cool because she’s super intelligent.

Maybe she learned baking there, too? Or how to manage a big, fun family. Her school days must have been filled with learning and laughs. Yet, the exact places and lessons remain a mystery to us. It’s like trying to piece together a puzzle without the picture on the box.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Family

Alissa’s family is a mystery book. We don’t see much about her parents, but she definitely has a sister. They must be close because Alissa loves baking amazing cakes for her sister’s birthday on December 27th.

Picture this: yummy, fancy cakes every year! Besides her sister, Alissa’s family grew more prominent and noisier with Matt. Together, they welcomed six little ones into their adventure. Imagine their house, always buzzing with laughter and maybe some cake batter on the walls. It sounds like a lot, but it’s their perfect.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Husband

Alissa’s husband is Matt Walsh. He’s pretty famous. Together, they make a super team. They have six kids, which sounds really fun, but they are also super busy. Matt must be a cool dad. Alissa helps him a lot and focuses on their kids. They started their family adventure with twins.

That must have been exciting! Matt and Alissa work together like superheroes. They manage a big family and still have time for fun. That’s amazing. They have a great life, full of laughter and maybe some cake fights.


Alissa Ann Linnemann, or Alissa Walsh, is an excellent mix. Her background is like a blend of different colors in a painting. Just like in art, where different colors come together to make something beautiful, Alissa’s ethnicity does that for her. It’s part of what makes her unique.

We only know some of the details of her heritage, but it’s clear she brings her unique mix to the family. This mix adds to the fun and love in their big, happy home—it’s like adding different flavors to a cake to make it even tastier!


Did you know Alissa likes to get creative with cakes? It’s like her superpower. Besides baking, she’s really into decorating her home. Every room tells a different story, full of colors and fun. Imagine playing hide and seek there! Also, she and Matt love having movie nights with their kids.

They pick a new adventure film every time. It’s like traveling without leaving the couch. Plus, Alissa has a secret talent for gardening. She grows the most giant tomatoes you’ve ever seen! It’s like magic happens in their backyard. Isn’t that cool?

Before Fame

Alissa Ann Linnemann, now known as Alissa Walsh, had an extraordinary life before becoming famous. She went on incredible adventures, climbed big mountains or explored deep forests. She always had a knack for making things fun, turning ordinary days into exciting ones.

Imagine her baking her first big cake or painting a masterpiece in her room. Back then, she was just like any other kid, dreaming big dreams. Maybe she even dreamed of having a big, happy family. Little did she know, her dreams were about to come true in the most remarkable ways.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Career

Alissa Ann Linnemann, also known as Alissa Walsh, has been super busy. First, she tried her hand at lots of jobs. Then, she found what she loved to do. It’s like when you’re picking your favorite ice cream flavor. You try a bunch until you find the perfect one.

Alissa did just that. She worked here and there, learning new things. Finally, she made a big splash—just like when you throw a rock into a pond. The ripples go everywhere. That’s Alissa in the work world—always moving, constantly growing. It’s astonishing how she keeps trying new things.

Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Age, Family, Personal Life

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Social Media

Alissa’s social media is like a magical book. Each page or post shows a bit of her life. She shares cool cake pictures on Facebook. It’s like peeking into her kitchen. Sometimes, she posts family adventures. It’s fun to see where they go. Her Instagram might have pretty garden pics.

It’s like a mini-tour of her backyard. Twitter could show her thoughts. It’s like hearing her voice. She connects with fans, sharing bits of her day. It’s a way to say “Hi” without meeting. Alissa’s social media paints a colorful story. It’s her way of keeping in touch.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Relationship

Alissa and Matt met when Matt was a DJ. Their love started like a fantastic song. They got married in 2011. Since then, they’ve been on a tremendous journey. It’s like they’re in a never-ending dance. Together, they’ve welcomed six kids into their world.

Their love keeps growing, just like their family. They celebrate their love and life together. Their relationship is like a storybook adventure. Full of love, laughter, and lots of kids. They make each other happy every day. It’s like they’re best friends and teammates.

Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Age, Family, Personal Life

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Personal Life

Alissa Ann Linnemann keeps her life off the radar. She’s like a ninja, moving silently and keeping secrets well. We don’t hear much about her early days or school life. What she does day-to-day is also tucked away, like a hidden treasure. But we know, behind the scenes, she’s super busy.

She is probably juggling family life with her secret hobbies. Maybe she’s gardening or cooking up a storm. Now and then, she steps out of the shadows. She shares tiny glimpses of her world. Like snapshots, these moments give us a peek. Yet, she always leaves us guessing what’s next.

Matt Walsh and Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Children

Matt and Alissa Walsh’s home is buzzing. They’re raising six amazing kids. Imagine the fun and chaos! In 2013, they welcomed twins Luke and Julia. Then, four more little ones joined the party. Their house must be filled with laughter, games, and maybe some sibling squabbles.

But mostly, it’s packed with love. Each child adds their spark to the family. Together, they create a lively and loving home. It’s like a never-ending adventure with surprises at every turn. Indeed, their family is a bustling, happy crowd.

Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Age, Family, Personal Life

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Height and Weight

Alissa Walsh is really tall, like a basketball player. She measures up to 6 feet tall—that’s about as tall as most dads! She weighs between 75 and 80 kilograms or around 175 pounds. So, she’s strong and sturdy, like a superhero. Her height makes her stand out in a crowd.

And her weight is just suitable for her tall frame. Together, they make her seem like she could take on the world. Plus, being tall helps when she’s decorating those high cakes or reaching for the best tomatoes in her garden.

Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Age, Family, Personal Life

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Net Worth

Alissa’s husband, Matt Walsh, is super successful. His work brings in lots of money. They say he has between $5 and $7 million. That’s like having a huge treasure chest! With his show and other jobs, he earns plenty, which means Alissa and Matt can do lots of fun stuff.

They can buy tons of cake supplies or even go on incredible adventures. Imagine all the places they could visit. Or all the amazing birthday cakes Alissa could make. It’s incredible to think about how much they can do. Their family must have the best times together with that kind of treasure!

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Favorite Things

  • Cake Decorating: It’s not just a hobby. For her, it’s an art. She loves making cakes look amazing.
  • Gardening: Alissa has a green thumb. Growing big tomatoes makes her super happy.
  • Adventure Movies: Family movie nights are the best. They watch adventure films and travel the world from their couch.
  • Interior Decorating: Every room in her house tells a story. She’s all about colors and fun.
  • Big Family Gatherings: Nothing beats having everyone together.
  • Laughter fills their home during these times.
  • Each of these favorites adds something special to her life.
  • Just like ingredients in a cake, they make everything better.

Fun Facts about Alissa Ann Linnemann’s

  • Super Cake Maker: Alissa loves making super cool cakes. 
  • Green Thumb: She can grow huge tomatoes in her garden. Movie Buff: Adventure movies are her go-to for family nights. 
  • Color Queen: Alissa enjoys adding pops of color to her home. 
  • Big Family Fun: At gatherings, she thinks the more, the merrier. Explorer: Before fame, she might have been an adventure seeker. 
  • Twin Mom: She started her family journey with twins.
  • Creative Soul: Alissa has a knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Alissa Walsh do for a living?

Alissa has tried lots of different jobs and loves to keep busy. She’s super talented and has worked in many areas. It’s like she’s on a never-ending adventure to find fun things to do!

Where did Matt Walsh go to school?

Matt went to Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. It’s a really cool place where people learn how to be amazing at art and acting. Imagine going to school to play pretend all day!

How many students are at Walsh College?

Walsh College is different from your regular school; it’s for grown-ups who want to learn more about business. Around 2,500 students go there, which is like if your whole school was just one significant grade!

How many students are at Walsh University?

Walsh University is more significant than Walsh College, with about 2,700 students. It is like a vast playground, but instead of slides and swings, there are lots of books and computers for learning.


Alissa Ann Linnemann, now Alissa Walsh, is excellent. She’s like a superhero mom and wife. She stands tall, not just in height, but in her family’s life. Her love for cake decorating and gardening makes home fun. Alissa and Matt, with their six kids, are a team.

They live in Nashville, loving life together. Alissa’s support for Matt shines bright. She’s all about family, laughter, and adventures. Her journey from Linnemann to Walsh is full of love. Alissa’s story is like a big, happy cake. And that cake? It’s pretty sweet.

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