Is Matias De Stefano Married? Everything You Need to Know

Is Matías De Stefano married? Matías De Stefano is an Argentinean philosopher and Youtuber. Born on August 4, 1987, Matías is widely recognized for his memories of past lives and universal information.

He is also known for developing his philosophical worldview, Ater Tumti, which means Heaven on Earth. And that’s not all; he also has a social ideology named Ontocracy.

Matías is a busy guy, as he has initiated various movements and held workshops and conferences on developing the state of consciousness. You might have seen him in many series on Gaia TV or in the documentary and series The Remember, which was about his life story.

Is Matías De Stefano married? That’s a question many people have been asking, but the answer remains unknown.

One thing is for sure: Matías is a fascinating and thought-provoking figure, and it’s no surprise that he has garnered fame and recognition for his unique ideas and perspectives.

Matias De Stefano Biography/Wiki

Real NameMatias De Stefano
Nick NameMatias De Stefano
Age31 Years
Weight68 kg
Is Matias De Stefano Married

Who is Matias De Stefano?

Matias De Stefano is a super interesting guy from Argentina. He’s not just a philosopher; he’s also a writer, teacher, and even a YouTuber.

Matias has a unique way of seeing the world, which he calls Ater Tumti, or Heaven on Earth. He also has an idea about how people should live together, called Ontocracy.

Matias is super busy. He starts movements and teaches people how to be more aware through workshops and talks.

He believes everyone can get to this consciousness where everything feels connected. It’s like he’s on a mission to help everyone find their inner peace and understand the world better.

He’s not just talking about it, though. He’s making it happen, reaching out to folks through his videos and teachings.

Matias is like a guide, leading the way to a brighter, more connected world.

Matias De Stefano Education

Matias started his school journey in Argentina. He went to “Escuela de Los Padres” and learned a lot. He studied at Centro Agrotécnico Regional. There, he picked up English and learned about agriculture.

Matias didn’t stop there. He moved to Spain to attend high school. He studied human sciences at two excellent schools: IES Els Planells and Bernat el Ferrer. But that’s not all. Matias then went to Universidad Nacional de Río IV, which is in Córdoba, Argentina.

There, he dived into Psychopedagogy. Sadly, he didn’t finish his degree. He was so close, though. In 2008, Matias explored new ideas.

He joined courses and workshops on teaching. He helped him think in new ways about learning. Matias is constantly growing and learning.

Matias De Stefano Family

Matias De Stefano has a unique family story. He grew up in Venado Tuerto. His mom, Claudia De Stefano, raised him. They lived with his grandparents and great-grandmother; his aunties were part of their big, loving home.

Matias’s parents were never together. It’s like a puzzle, and each piece is important. As a teenager, he lived in both Argentina and Spain. This experience must have been super cool.

In 2020, something extraordinary happened. Matias got dual citizenship. Now, he’s not just Argentine. He’s also Italian-European. Imagine having homes in two parts of the world. Matias’s family and experiences have shaped him.

Matias De Stefano Girlfriend/Wife

Matias De Stefano married Awa Prenilla, sharing a bond beyond conventional understanding. This union has piqued the curiosity of fans worldwide. Matias’s choice of partner reflects his profound approach to life.

Matias, Awa shares a passion for understanding the universe’s mysteries. Their marriage symbolizes a partnership rooted in exploration and mutual growth. Friends, family, and followers celebrated this joining of souls, seeing it as a new chapter in Matias’s journey.

This revelation has only added to Matias’s aura, making his life’s story even more captivating. As we delve further into his career and philosophy.

This marital union provides a glimpse into a man’s personal life dedicated to elevating human consciousness.


Matias De Stefano has roots in Argentina and Italy. His journey started in Argentina, where he was born. That makes him Argentine. But there’s more to the story.

Matias added a new chapter. He got dual citizenship, making him Italian-European too. This mix is like a particular recipe. It blends cultures from two parts of the world. Argentina brings vibrant traditions, and Italy adds its rich history.

They create Matias’s unique background. It’s like having the best of both worlds. His ethnicity is a bridge connecting two lands. Matias carries the spirit of Argentina and the heritage of Italy.

This blend shapes who he is. It influences his views and adds depth to his ideas. Matias’s ethnicity is a mirror reflecting his diverse world.


Matias De Stefano is super cool and a bit mysterious. Plus, Matias is not just famous in Argentina. People around the world listen to him. Imagine that! He has fans in places he’s never visited.

Matias loves the color blue. It reminds him of the sky and the ocean. It’s like a peaceful blanket for him. And here’s a fun tidbit: Matias enjoys stargazing. He finds the stars fascinating.

They make him dream big and feel connected to the universe. Lastly, despite being busy, Matias makes time for meditation. It helps him stay calm and focused.

Matias is not just brilliant but also pretty cool. He’s like a modern-day philosopher with a twist.

Before Fame

Being three years old and remembering the lives you lived long ago. That was Matias’s world. He wasn’t like other kids. By the age of 12, Matias could see things others couldn’t. He saw Etheric Beings, which sounds like something from a fantasy book.

These visions were only sometimes fun. They gave him terrible headaches. But Matias found a way to cope. He started drawing. It was like magic. Drawing helped his headaches go away.

He also began writing in a particular language, Sayontu. It’s a language from a past life, 12,000 years back in Africa. How cool is that? Matias turned his unique experiences into art.

His drawings and writings from back then were the beginning of his journey. They were his way of understanding the incredible world he saw.

Matias De Stefano Career

Matias De Stefano started sharing his cool memories in 2009 when he was only 21. He called his big idea Ater Tumti, which means Heaven on Earth. This idea came from his memories—they’re old—like 12,000 years! Matias thinks we can all create our reality.

He traveled around the world, teaching people. He used art to make learning fun and to help us connect with the divine, the Earth, and each other.

Matias did something huge. He organized two significant events in Egypt and Argentina. Over 3,000 people came to each one! These events were about remembering who we are.

Matias wants to help us build a world where our spirits and bodies work together. It’s all about starting a new age of awareness. Matias is busy helping us all remember and connect.

Matias De Stefano Net Worth

Matias De Stefano has a net worth of $3 million. That’s a lot of money! He didn’t just find it under a rock. He earned it by sharing his excellent skills and ideas with the world.

Since being a little kid, Matias could remember things long ago, before he was born. Super cool, right? Each month, he makes about $30K.

His earnings add up to around $360K. That’s like getting a small treasure chest every year. Matias worked hard to get here, teaching people and spreading his ideas.

So, next time you think of Matias De Stefano, remember that he’s not just about past lives and big ideas. He’s also a super successful guy.

Matias De Stefano Hobbies

  • Exploring Ancient Sites: Matias loves visiting old places with lots of stories. He thinks they help him remember more about his past lives.
  • Drawing: Ever since he was little, drawing has allowed Matias to express himself and understand his visions.
  • Stargazing: Looking at the stars makes Matias dream big and feel connected to the universe.
  • Meditation: Matias finds meditation helpful for staying calm and focused. It’s like his secret power for peace.
  • Writing in Sayontu: This is a special language from a past life. Matias enjoys writing in it because it connects him to his memories.
  • Learning Languages: In addition to Sayontu, Matias enjoys learning new languages to better understand people from all over the world.
  • Teaching Workshops: Sharing his knowledge through workshops is not just work for Matias; it’s a hobby he truly loves.
  • Reading about History: He digs into history books to learn more about the past and how it connects to his memories.
  • Making Videos: Matias enjoys creating content for YouTube. He uses videos to share his ideas and adventures.
  • Traveling: Matias is always on the move, exploring new places and meeting new people. Travel helps him spread his message and learn new things.

Matias De Stefano’s Favorite Things

  • Blue Color: He loves the color blue because it reminds him of the sky and the ocean. It’s like having a piece of the calm and vastness around him all the time.
  • Pasta: Being part Italian, Matias enjoys a good plate of pasta. It’s like a hug in food form for him.
  • Cats: He thinks cats are super cool. They’re independent, mysterious, and cuddly all at once.
  • Historical Novels: Matias loves reading books that take him back in time. It’s like going on a time travel adventure from his couch.
  • Playing the Guitar: He finds strumming the strings and making music a great way to relax and express himself.
  • Hiking: Exploring nature on foot helps him feel connected to the Earth and discover new places.
  • Science Fiction Movies: He’s into movies that explore what the future could be like. It’s like peeking into possible worlds and adventures.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream: It’s his go-to treat. Sweet, cool, and chocolatey – what’s not to love?
  • Soccer: Watching and playing soccer is a way for him to have fun and feel the excitement of the game.
  • Journaling: Writing down his thoughts and experiences helps him reflect and remember the important moments.

Fun Facts about Matias De Stefano

  • He Speaks a Past Life Language: Matias can write and speak in Sayontu, a super old language from a past life in Africa!
  • Early Bird Memory Keeper: He started remembering his past lives when he was just three years old. That’s younger than a kindergarten kid!
  • Can See Invisible Friends: Matias can see Etheric Beings, like invisible friends from other dimensions.
  • Artistic Healer: Drawing and writing helped him eliminate headaches caused by seeing all those invisible beings.
  • Global Teacher: He’s traveled to many countries to teach people about Ater Tumti and how we can make Heaven on Earth.
  • Young Start: At 21, he began sharing his incredible memories of past lives with the world.
  • Event Planner Extraordinaire: Matias organized massive events in Egypt and Argentina that over 3,000 people attended.
  • Memory Lane: He can recall detailed information from his past lives, going back 12,000 years!
  • Nature Lover: Matias enjoys hiking and being outdoors because it helps him feel more connected to the Earth.
  • Creative Content Creator: Besides teaching and speaking, he loves making YouTube videos to share his adventures and teachings.
Is Matias De Stefano Married

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Matias De Stefano?

Matias De Stefano is 36 years old, since he was born on August 4, 1987.

Does Matias De Stefano have a wife or girlfriend?

We need clear information about Matias De Stefano’s relationships, including if he has a wife or girlfriend.

What is Ater Tumti?

After Tumti is Matias De Stefano’s idea of Heaven on Earth. It’s about improving the world by changing how we think and live.

Can Matias remember his past lives?

Yes, Matias De Stefano claims to remember his past lives and shares his memories and teachings from those experiences.

What languages does Matias De Stefano speak?

Besides Spanish, Matias enjoys learning new languages and speaks Sayontu, a language from his past life.

Where can I watch Matias De Stefano’s videos?

You can watch Matias De Stefano’s videos on his YouTube and Gaia TV, where he shares his teachings and ideas.

Has Matias written any books?

The blog doesn’t mention specific books, but Matias is a writer so that he might have written about his philosophies and teachings.

What is Ontocracy?

Ontocracy is Matias De Stefano’s social ideology about living in harmony and understanding among people, aiming for a balanced society.

Where is Matias De Stefano from?

Matias De Stefano was born in Argentina and has lived in Spain.

How does Matias De Stefano make money?

Matias earns money through his teachings, workshops, online content, and appearances in documentaries and series about his life and philosophies.


Matias did something huge. He organized two significant events in Egypt and Argentina. Over 3,000 people came to each one! These events were about remembering who we are.

Matias wants to help us build a world where our spirits and bodies work together. It’s all about starting a new age of awareness. Matias is busy helping us all remember and connect.

He traveled around the world, teaching people. He used art to make learning fun and to help us connect with the divine, the Earth, and each other.

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