When to embark on an international SEO strategy 

A well executed international SEO strategy can catapult your business to the next level. International SEO puts your website at the top of the search results for the countries you choose to target. If you’re ready to expand into the international market, and start selling your products in a new country then it might be time to implement an international SEO strategy. 

What is international SEO? 

International SEO uses a set of strategies to help your website rank higher in relevant searches – for example in different countries or in different languages. International SEO is far more complex and harder to execute than a local SEO strategy. Some of the nuances of international to consider include: 

  • How people from various regions use search engines. 
  • It’s essential to have content written in local languages, by native speakers.
  • Understanding the algorithms of the search engines in the region you’re targeting – not everywhere relies on Google! 

International SEO strategies that work 

Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy but particularly for international SEO. This is a complicated process, and you might use a three-pronged approach that includes: 

  • Utilizing geo-targeted keyword searches.
  • Establishing connections in your target market with reputable bloggers or websites.
  • Building your links through local business directories.

Your on-page SEO needs to be on-point to help you rank in your chosen international market. This means up-to-date HREFLANG codes so Google knows which country and languages you are targeting. 

Your URL structure will make an impact on your international SEO performance. There are various options here – each with pros and cons. For example, a common choice is utilizing a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLDs), so if you were in France you’d use .fr as this is familiar to local users. You could also consider a sub-directory URL, or using subdomains. 

How to get started with international SEO 

If your business’ local presence is drawing attention, you’re steadily growing in sales and you’re ready to take the next step, start your journey with international SEO by identifying which countries you’re already gaining traction in – you may have an organic market out there ripe for targeting.

There’s no doubt you’ve conducted competitor analysis when you started your business, and kicking off an international SEO strategy should start with some additional research into your competitors; namely to see which markets they’re succeeding in and whether you can get a slice of the pie. 

If you’re not sure how to use international SEO to grow and identify which markets you might do well in, an SEO expert can help. They’ll be able to collate information on where your competitors are performing well and determine which keywords are working. 

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