What is the over/under bet? Information you need to know when betting

When it comes to over/under odds, many people will immediately think of sports betting with the main focus on football. This term appears extremely popular not only in the field of sports but also in gambling and casinos with the participation of more than millions of people. But many new players still cannot clearly understand the upper and lower odds keonhacai5 will explain thoroughly in the article below.

Can you understand what the upper and lower odds are?

In the field of soccer betting, the terms over and under are the most common vocabulary. Simply, this is the handicap that bookmakers apply to two teams in an actual match.

Over is often used to refer to the stronger, more highly rated team. These are usually teams with good reputations, current performance, and many excellent players and soccer stars. In general, it can be understood that the odds above and below are the teams that have outstanding advantages compared to their opponents. In betting, this team is often considered the “favorite team” and is often represented in red.

On the contrary, the underdog team is usually the weaker team, with poor performance and few outstanding players. Their chances of winning are usually lower. This team is often considered the “underdog” and is often represented in black, blue or gray.

There are a number of factors that affect the odds of over/under betting:

  • Performance of the two teams: The team with better performance will have lower odds.
  • Strength of the two teams: The team with the stronger force will have lower odds.
  • Home and away: Teams playing at home usually have lower odds.
  • Psychological factors: Some teams can be affected by psychological factors such as competition pressure, confrontation history, etc.

Handicap ratios when betting on over and under

When participating in betting with Malaysian odds, choosing the correct odds is very important to have the best chance of winning. Common handicaps include half a handicap, 1/4 handicap and 3/4 handicap.

  • In a half-left handicap, the upper team handicaps the lower half. In case the match result is a draw, the player who bets above will lose the entire bet, and the player who bet below will win the full amount.
  • The 1/4 handicap is similar to the half handicap, but in case the result is a draw, the player who bets on the top will lose half of the bet and the bottom bet will win half of the bet.
  • With a 3/4 handicap, the upper team needs to win by a difference of two goals or more to be considered the winner. In case the upper team wins with a difference of one goal, the player who placed the upper bet will only win half of the bet and the lower bet will win half of the bet.

What are the experiences in predicting over and under odds?

Before starting to participate in betting, players need to clearly understand the basic concepts of what football betting and tips are. In addition, it is also important that they prepare themselves with the necessary skills and experience to participate effectively.

Check the odds through the odds table

A perfect and popular method of betting is by reviewing the odds table of the matches. In case the teams have equal strength and the match is fair, the bet will be safer.

Assuming the house rarely interferes in betting, you only need to pay attention to analyzing the strength of the two teams to decide to bet. However, with each odds offered by the bookmaker, it is necessary to continuously update and analyze odds fluctuations to make accurate decisions.
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Check the upper and lower odds when the dealer gives the odds

This is extremely important and every player needs to understand it. Before the match starts, players need to find out information about the match. They should choose a reputable bookie and then monitor the information about 4-5 hours before the match. This is the time when bookmakers often provide accurate information about the match.

Check the upper and lower odds in Asian and European odds

As mentioned, it is very important to regularly monitor and update the odds table from the bookmakers. In cases where both European odds and Asian odds tend to decrease, the home team usually has a higher chance of winning.

However, you need to pay attention to flash bets or lure bets from bookmakers. If you are not careful, the risk of losing money can increase. In particular, the odds often flash stronger at the end of the match, so you need to stay alert.


To summarize, the above information provides basic knowledge about what the over and under odds are, and also provides some effective tips for predicting over and under odds. Hopefully you have more motivation and confidence when participating in betting and bringing home big wins.

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