Revealing the Largest Scale Jackfruit Chicken Farm in Tra Cu in the West

Tra Cu Jackfruit Chicken Farm is a place that no one in the betting world knows about. The name of this character is no longer strange to the people of Tra Vinh and current cockfighting enthusiasts. Join Hi88 to explore this legend’s biography and process of becoming the most famous player in the Southwest.
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Brief biography of cocker Mit Tra Cu

Why is Mit Tra Cu chicken farm so famous far and wide and what has made the chicken master’s name and illustrious career what it is now? Let’s learn about the biography of this cockfighting legend.

Who is the chicken master Mit Tra Cu?

This must be a very familiar name to professional cockfighting players. His real name is Dang Huu Tien, born in 1978 and is a son of Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. He is one of the billion-dollar and very classy cock players.

Not only is he famous in the country, this cock master is also very welcome at live cockfighting events in Cambodia with top tournaments reaching up to billions of dong. Besides, Mit Tra Cu chicken farm is also the No. 1 famous farm in Vietnam. This place specializes in nurturing and training the most outstanding fighting cocks.

At the same time, this cocker also owns instructional videos on how to raise fighting cocks for money that have attracted a lot of views on the internet. Up to now, he is considered a legend among cockfighting enthusiasts.

The matches that make names

In fact, these are just famous clashes that cockers know about. There may be many big silent games that have not yet been discovered. These classic battles of a lifetime have many players participating with bets amounting to billions of dong.

The legendary matches that made the reputation of the Tra Vinh cock master include the face-to-face confrontation with two fierce rivals Lao Ngoan Dong and Phung Hoang Ke.

What are the titles that Mr. Mit has achieved?

As an experienced player, Mr. Mit has won countless awards held at Thomo while surpassing a series of other lists. Every time he wins C1 Thomo tournaments, this cocker brings himself billions of dong. That money is used to buy chickens and upgrade the farm. To date, his collection of awards is extremely majestic.

  • 3 Vietnamese chicken awards at Thomo 67.
  • 2 times won the bantam prize at Thomo 999.

Why is it said that Tra Cu Jackfruit chicken farm has the largest scale in the West?

Mr. Mit has been passionate about fighting cocks since he was young. Carrying many great ambitions brought him to this huge property. To make a name like this today is enough to prove how classy this legend’s bravery is.

Tra Cu Jackfruit Chicken Farm has a large number of fighting chickens

Currently, Tra Cu Jackfruit chicken farm is visited by countless cockfighters to participate in tournaments. The cockfighting arena he organizes is very trustworthy as many people support it and come to learn from his experience. This chicken farm specializes in providing Thomo fighting chickens, Cambodian fighting chickens or iron spur fighting chickens.

He currently owns a huge fortune with countless fighting cocks of any weight class from his original Thomo cock to American cocks, Asil, Giap and Hatch. This legendary chicken farm has prices ranging from 5,000,000 VND to hundreds of millions per chicken and has over 10 famous chicken lines around the world.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cock care and breeding. Currently, he owns 760 barns and 250 drying yard barns. The legendary fighting cocks of Tra Vinh participate in most large and small tournaments at home and abroad. As well as achieving high rankings many times, helping to create the chicken farm brand of today.
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Huge scale of chicken farm

With a total area of ​​up to 2600m2, Mit Tra Cu chicken farm is currently considered the second largest scale in the Western provinces. Each month, more than 15 high quality products are produced for cockfighters.

Before 2016, the chicken farm participated in large and small tournaments at Thomo 67 and 999 chicken cages. At the same time, it won a total of 5 awards, which contributed to resounding its name and image as well as quality. of this famous chicken farm.

With the hope of breeding new breeds of fighting chickens with attack power reaching a higher level than the current one. Mr. Mit has collaborated with pure Vietnamese chicken lines and foreign chicken lines from countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia or the USA.

With modern 4.0 technology, the chicken farm has now cooperated as an exclusive partner at many websites. With the purpose of creating an online betting playground for bettors to exchange and share their passions together. At the same time, it also allows gamers from all over the world to have easier access to this famous chicken farm.

Tra Cu Jackfruit Chicken Farm has built a great reputation and huge scale for many years. These things will help cockers have more motivation to burn with their passion. Please subscribe to our Chicken Fighting section Hi88 to update more useful information related to the field of online cockfighting.

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