Raising Iron Spur American Fighting Chickens – Nutrition and Care Tips

Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs This is not an easy task and requires the cocker to have a lot of experience and care methods. Thể thao Hi88 believes that if they know how to train chickens to become excellent fighters, farmers can achieve very high economic efficiency.

Learn about the iron-spur American fighting chicken breed

Maybe you don’t know, American fighting cocks are a breed of millet originating from the US, trained and raised for fighting purposes. This type of chicken has a compact body, beautiful colorful feathers and a pair of very fierce and sharp iron spurs.

You can distinguish American spur chickens through a number of other characteristics such as: Short and pointed beak, small head, fierce temperament and good physical strength,… In Vietnam, cockers are very fond of this breed of chicken and When raising them, there are scientific care plans to keep them in the best physical condition.

Instructions on how to raise the best quality American fighting chickens

As mentioned above, work Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs implemented according to a specific planning system. Farmers need to pay attention to all issues such as: Nutrition for chickens, building cages or choosing appropriate millet breeds, etc. Each of these contents will be further disseminated below.

Pay attention to choosing chicken breeds

Find out about reputable chicken farms to choose quality Mgx chicken breeds. Chicken breeders should not have the mentality of being cheap because if they raise poor quality chicken breeds, they will not be able to bring about the desired results.

During the selection process, observe American chicken breeds with balanced appearance, smooth and shiny feathers and healthy constitution. Do not choose chickens with crooked legs, chipped beaks, matted feathers and weak bodies.

The best way is to choose American chicken breeds with clear origins and guaranteed purity. Mixed chickens are often of poorer quality and can lose physical strength quickly when put into competitions.

Build standard barns

People who raise American fighting chickens definitely need to pay attention to the hygiene of their cages. According to research, the appropriate cage area should range from 1m2 – 1.5m2/1 chicken. You should only keep a maximum of 10 animals in one cage space.

As for construction materials, you should use equipment such as corrugated iron, bricks, concrete, etc. for easy cleaning and to avoid heat and humidity. You should clean and disinfect the barn periodically and clean out the feeding troughs daily to remove leftover food.
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Establish a nutritional regimen and reasonable diet

Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs Need to use staple foods such as ordinary rice and corn to meet energy and carbohydrates. In daily meals, chickens should be supplemented with green vegetables and fruits to supplement minerals and vitamins. 

Cockers need to set up a suitable eating schedule for their chickens, so they should feed on time and limit eating too little or too much. In addition to food, American spur chickens need to be supplemented with drugs and multivitamins to help increase resistance and develop physical condition.

What types of food are needed to raise American fighting chickens?

The most important factor determining the health and fighting ability of chickens is the food ration. So when Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs What types of food should we focus on?

  • Corn: This is the main food that accounts for 79% of the diet, and can provide chickens with a lot of energy due to starch and protein. Corn can help American chickens increase their strength significantly and develop superior muscles.
  • Rice: This is a good source of carbohydrates that helps gain weight and adds energy to American chickens. When combining corn and rice, there will be a very reasonable nutritional balance.
  • Green vegetables: Provide vitamins, fiber and essential minerals. You should feed about 100 – 150 grams of kale, chrysanthemum, and water spinach per day for each American chicken, etc.

Some training tips for raising American fighting chickens with the most standard iron spurs

In process Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs, in addition to nutrition, there should be appropriate training tips. Since the chicken is 1 year old, you can build training regimes such as:

  • Enhance the chicken’s physical strength by running regularly, using artificial spurs or bags to help the chicken practice kicking, and train them to move flexibly to avoid kicks.
  • Bring the chickens to the competition environment to rub and get used to it. Create bravery for the chickens by shining flash lights or turning on loud sounds, etc.


Trainers should pay attention to how Raising American fighting chickens with iron spurs above as suggested by Hi88 to improve their physical strength in the best way. Supplementing proper nutrition and training with a spirit of steel will help your fighting cocks possess the fullest strength.

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