No longer great: The best career failures of 2023

2023 has proven to be a mixed year for many football clubs and players. This year had its triumphs and players are likely to end their careers. Football matches were amazed with their results, and coaches made strange strategies that sometimes led the strongest teams to crushing defeats. Today we will talk about career failures in 2023.

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Paul Pogba, who completely ruined his career

At the beginning of autumn, when Paul was losing competition at Juve to the youngsters, he was predicted to fail this season. Although many hoped that he would please with at least some individual highlights. But the reality turned out to be much darker – Pogba got pregnant with doping! Moreover, the sample taken after the first round match turned out to be positive – a match that the midfielder played on the bench. The Frenchman had elevated testosterone levels.

Paul pretended to be a fool and said that he used the drug on the advice of a doctor he knew from the USA and did not know that it was prohibited. But this is what everyone who gets caught doping says. Pogba’s second analysis confirmed the player’s guilt. Now the 30-year-old midfielder faces a disqualification of two to four years.

However, the situation is not so bad for the club. The Frenchman has the highest salary in Turin, and he is useless. Once one of the best football players in the world has turned into ballast. And in case of disqualification, it will be possible to terminate the contract without any compensation.

The unexpected dismissal of Hansi Flick

Germany is used to playing with high defense and high pressing, and Hansi respects only this kind of football. Therefore, it seemed that he was the ideal candidate. However, his team did not have several people necessary for the successful implementation of such a model.

First of all, there is no forward finisher. At Bayern, Flick could completely rely on Robert Lewandowski for goals. There were also strong flank defenders who quickly connected forward. And in the national team, the level of players in these positions is lower. The narrow specialization of local stars prevents them from growing into top-class football players.

The problem in German football is now much deeper, not just in the coach. With Nagelsmann at the helm, the results are again not very good. Let’s see if they end up failing at the home Euro.

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Neymar with the saddest ending to a top career in the 21st century

After leaving the World Cup, the Brazilian stopped performing spectacularly in matches for the club – only four effective points in the French Championship in six games. And in the match against Lille, Ney received a new serious ankle injury. Again there were stretchers, tears, missing the decisive match in the Champions League playoffs. And PSG were eliminated by Bayern.

In the summer, Neymar was full of ambitions – the media even started talking about returning to Barcelona. According to his agent, offers from the Middle East seemed to be rejected…

But the reality was disappointing – the Brazilian announced a deal with Al-Hilal. As it turned out, the extra few hundred million attracted him more than the vague prospects of joining one of the top clubs in Europe. The 31-year-old Brazilian left fans with hope, promising to return to the top level.

But after a new terrible injury, there seems to be no more hope. Sorry for the player. In terms of talent, Neymar was considered the third football player in the world for several years. True, the Brazilian still has a chance to decorate his legacy with a triumph with the national team in 2026.


This year there have been many failures, both of individuals and of entire teams. Which one is the biggest is up to you to decide, but we have listed the three most important failures of 2023 in our opinion.

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