American Rapper Lola Brooke Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, 2024

Do you know what Lola Brooke age is? Who is she? She’s an amazing rapper from Brooklyn, New York. And guess what? She’s only 30 years old (as of 2024)! That means she’s still young and has a long career ahead of her.

Standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 55 kilograms, she’s a petite powerhouse with body measurements of 32x24x35. With her brown eyes and light brown hair, she’s definitely got the looks to match her talent.

Who is Lola Brooke?

American Rapper Lola Brooke Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, 2024

Lola Brooke is a super cool rapper from Brooklyn. She loves making music that makes people dance. When she was little, only eight years old, she started writing songs. That’s younger than some of us!

Her mom saw she loved rapping and cheered her on. Before she was famous, Lola helped people at a shelter. Isn’t that kind? Now, everyone knows her for her awesome music.

She shows us that with hard work, you can reach your dreams. Plus, she teaches us to help others along the way. How cool is that?

Lola Brooke Age Biography/wiki

Full NameShyniece Thomas
Stage NameLola Brooke
Age30 (as of 2024)
BirthdateFebruary 1, 1994
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, United States of America
Height4 feet 9 inches (145 cm)
Weight121 lbs (55 kg)
Hair colourLight brown
Eye colourBrown
ParentsMother: Teesha, Father: Dennis (Deceased)
Net Worth$500,000 – $2 million
Career Start2016
Notable Works“Don’t Play With It”, “Dennis Daughter”

Lola Brooke’s Early Life and Family

Lola Brooke grew up in a cool place called Brooklyn. It’s in New York. She was very young, just eight when she started to love music. Her mom saw this love early.

She always supported her. Lola didn’t come from a family of musicians. But that didn’t stop her. She showed everyone that with passion, you can do anything.

Her family must be proud of her now. She teaches us to follow our dreams, no matter where we come from. Isn’t that an inspiring story?

Lola Brooke’s Education

We only know a little about where Lola Brooke went to school. But we do know she was super into music since she was tiny, like eight years old! She learned a lot just by doing music. Maybe her school had a cool music program, or she learned on her own.

Even without details, it’s clear Lola’s education included a lot of self-learning. She turned her passion for music into a big part of her life. Imagine learning something so well you become famous for it! That’s what Lola Brooke age did with her rapping.

So, even if we don’t know her school’s name, we know she’s smart. Especially in music and chasing dreams. Schools teach us many things, but Lola shows us learning can happen anywhere. And look at her now!

Lola Brooke’s Husband/boyfriend

Talking about Lola Brooke’s love life is a bit like trying to find a hidden treasure without a map. So far, she hasn’t shared much about whether she has a husband or a boyfriend. She prefers keeping that part of her life just for herself.

And that’s totally cool! Just like in a mystery book where you have to guess what happens next, we have to wait and see. Lola may be focusing on her music career right now. Making hit songs and rapping could be taking up all of her time. Or maybe she has someone special, but she’s keeping it a secret.

Either way, Lola Brooke shows us it’s okay to keep some things private. She’s teaching us that some parts of life are just for you and not the whole world to know. So, for now, the story of Lola Brooke’s love life remains a secret. And that’s just another part of her journey we get to be curious about!

American Rapper Lola Brooke Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, 2024


Lola Brooke is a shining star from Brooklyn. Her background adds to her cool vibe. She brings her unique self into her music. This mix makes her songs super special. Everyone loves her for it. Her ethnicity is part of her story.

It shapes her music in awesome ways. Just like a puzzle, every piece of her is important. Her roots give her music extra flavor. It’s like adding spices to a favorite dish. That’s why her fans adore her. Lola’s heritage is a key part of her magic.


Did you know Lola Brooke age has a unique talent? Besides rapping, she’s great at cooking. Imagine her in the kitchen, whipping up delicious meals just like she mixes beats. Also, she loves playing video games in her free time. It’s her way of relaxing and having fun after making music.

Lola has a cute pet dog that she adores. Her furry friend often appears in her Instagram stories, getting lots of love from fans. In addition, Lola is a big fan of roller skating. She glides around like a pro, showing off her cool moves.

Lola Brooke’s Career

Lola Brooke started her music journey super young. At first, she wrote songs just for fun. But soon, everyone noticed her talent. She worked hard, making music every day. Her big moment came with a song, “Don’t Play with It.” Suddenly, everyone wanted to listen to her rap.

This hit song made her a star. Now, she performs in big shows everywhere. Her music videos are cool and get lots of views. People all around the world listen to her songs. Lola proves that following your dream pays off. She keeps making more music for her fans. Her career is just getting started, and it’s already amazing.

The Breakthrough of “Don’t Play with It”

Lola Brooke’s big moment was with “Don’t Play with It.” Suddenly, her music was everywhere. This song opened doors for her. Fans loved its beat and her voice. Now, she was not just a girl from Brooklyn. She became a star in the music world.

Everyone wanted to hear her rap. Her dream of being a famous rapper was coming true. Thanks to this song, Lola showed everyone her talent. She worked hard and it paid off big time. This hit changed her life. Now, she keeps making music we all love.

What Lola Brooke Looks Like

Lola Brooke has an amazing style that shines. She is not very tall, but super confident. Her brown eyes sparkle like stars in the night. And her light brown hair flows beautifully. She often dresses in cool outfits that turn heads.

Her smile lights up the room, showing her joy. Plus, she has a unique way of expressing herself. Every look tells a story of who she is. Truly, Lola stands out in any crowd. She is a real-life example of expressing your true self. So, we can learn from her to be proud of how we look.

American Rapper Lola Brooke Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, 2024

Lola Brooke’s Net Worth

Lola Brooke has done super well for herself. By February 2024, she’s got a cool $1.1 million. Wow, that’s a lot of money! She made it by working hard and being awesome at music. Her hit song really helped her earn more.

In addition, her concerts and music videos add to her wealth. She shows us that following your passion can really pay off. Lola’s story is like a reminder to dream big and work hard. So, who knows? We could be successful like her one day.

Lola Brooke’s Favorite Things

Playing Video Games

Lola loves to unwind by playing video games. It’s her go-to fun activity after a long day of making music.


She’s not just good at music; Lola’s also a whiz in the kitchen. Creating tasty dishes is another way she expresses her creativity.

 Roller Skating

Zooming around on roller skates, Lola feels free and happy. It’s one of her most cherished hobbies outside of music.

 Spending Time with Her Dog

Her furry friend is more than a pet; it’s her companion. Lola enjoys relaxing and playing with her dog.


Picking out cool outfits is a way for Lola to show her unique style. She loves mixing and matching different pieces.

Fun Facts about Lola Brooke

  • Loves Scary Movies: Lola enjoys watching scary movies. She finds them thrilling. 
  • Big Sneaker Fan: She has a huge collection of sneakers. Each pair is unique. 
  • Writes in a Diary: Lola keeps a diary. It helps her remember her journey. Adores the Beach: The beach is her happy place. She loves the sound of waves. 
  • Chocolate Over Vanilla: Lola prefers chocolate flavors. They make her smile. 
  • Morning Person: She wakes up early. The morning vibes inspire her music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Lola Brooke? Lola Brooke Age

She’s 30 years old as of 2024. Super young and full of energy to create awesome music!

 What’s Lola Brooke famous for?

Lola became super famous for her hit song “Don’t Play with It.” It made her a star overnight!

 Does Lola Brooke have any pets?

Yes, she has a super cute dog. She loves playing and hanging out with her furry friend a lot.

What are some hobbies of Lola Brooke?

Lola loves playing video games, cooking yummy food, and roller skating. She’s got lots of fun hobbies!

Where is Lola Brooke from?

She’s from Brooklyn, New York. It’s a cool place that’s part of her amazing story and music.


So, we’ve learned loads about Lola Brooke age. She’s super talented and shows us dreams can come true with hard work. Lola teaches us to follow our passions, just like she did with her music. She’s not just a rapper; she’s a role model too.

Lola’s journey inspires us all to chase our dreams, no matter how big. Let’s keep our eyes on her and see what amazing things she does next. She’s proof that hard work and passion really pay off.

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