How AI is Transforming the iGaming Experience

Every time you turn around, the amazing American iGaming industry is making waves and headwaves in the news and through the online circles. After grossing over $60 billion in 2022, all the business experts and more iGaming players made the inevitable shift to playing online. When the world, and especially America, shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s when the true shift from retail casinos to virtual ones truly began.

With such an influx of new members came the daunting task of managing these members and ensuring hackers and cyber thieves stay out of the closely guarded and monitored network. And that’s where AI’s amazing talents enter the scene. Here is how AI continues transforming the iGaming experience for 2024 and beyond.

AI on the Front Line for Cybersecurity

All online casinos, whether social or for real money, have an obligation to maintain high levels of cybersecurity. For them to operate legally or maintain their license, these cutting-edge slots can’t compromise on this crucial principle. And they can’t because cyber thieves have caused unbelievable profit loss and damaged brand reputations. Online casinos’ credibility can be wiped out in a minute through phishing schemes, ransomware, and other attacks.

Thankfully, AI begins guarding these reputations by playing an intricate role in new membership duties. New members are asked to input so much information, including their social security numbers to be referenced by photo ID, to weed out fraud quickly in real time. With AI having a higher success rate than human labor, online casino networks are fortified and have taken the critical first step of safeguarding their network by weeding out potential bad members.

Behavioral AI for Continued Cybersecurity Excellence

Even with members safely in the online casino network, AI continues to transform cybersecurity by making sure at a faster and more efficient rate than even sophisticated human network operators can. Every time you log into your account, behavioral AI monitors and notes your behavior, hence the name. This is essential for a host of reasons, starting with cybersecurity.

By monitoring current members, AI can help online casinos maintain their brand reputations by nipping in the bud of problem behavior. For example, if a member tries to force log in with another member’s credentials, AI will isolate that member from the network until they provide further identification.

Behavioral AI also plays a prominent role in protecting members from financial fraud. It’s common for online casinos like McLuck to provide their members with many payment options for buying gold coins.

The issue is that sensitive data in the wrong hands can not only cause that member to quit the online casino but might cause permanent damage to the brand. One of the ways online casinos pick up new members and ultimately make more profit is through refer-a-friend promotions, so it’s of utmost importance that these members remain happy and willing to spread the good word.

So, behavioral AI will monitor for fraud in real time. For example, if a member is trying to use another member’s financial details to make a transaction, AI will block the transaction and ask for further verification.

Creating More Personalized Gaming Experiences with AI

Every online casino must find the right balance between slots and other games like table games and slingo. However, more often than not, slots reign as the largest game category. But, what if you’re a player that prefers the table games like roulette and baccarat? Thanks to behavioral AI again, an online casino goes beyond the typical built-in online glossaries to educate players about how best to play.

Instead, behavioral AI will monitor your favorite games, how you play them, and the moves you make playing them and will create a tailored gameplay just for you. With this personalized touch, an online casino member is more likely to participate more at the online casino and continue to refer new members to join.

AI Helping to Develop Games

Besides working with prominent third-party developers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, more of today’s leading online casinos are developing their own brand of games. The results have been nothing short of engaging. Monitoring the gaming habits and the types of games that members prefer, AI is now leading the charge for developing custom game levels and bonus rounds based on members’ preferences and behaviors.

AI Is the New Face of Customer Support

Gone are the days of waiting for a real-life agent. AI chatbots have, so far, become the lead for live chat and online casino support. In minutes, online casino members can receive total satisfaction and resolution. It’s no mystery that beyond a high caliber of games and tremendous promotions, online casinos need a robust customer support system to keep them happy.

The Future of AI and Online Casinos

As AI becomes more refined, look for predictive AI to play a more prominent role in the success of online casinos. Based on behavioral AI, which already knows a member’s playing habits, predictive AI can market future games or bonuses in which members are more likely to engage.

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