Highdee Kuan: The Shining Star of ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Proximity’

Highdee Kuan is a fantastic actress, TV star, and model! Her name might sound familiar because she has appeared in popular shows like “Quantum Leap,” “Proximity,” “This Is Us,” and “You.” She’s also been in other films and TV shows. Born in San Francisco and of Chinese descent, Highdee has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Last year, she played Sarah, a NASA engineer, in the sci-fi movie “Proximity.” This year, she’s lending her voice to the role of Kaya, a rebel commander, in the podcast series “Birds of Empire.” And she’s not stopping there! Highdee is working on two upcoming projects, the TV series “Quantum Leap: The Scientist” and the film “Welcome to Reedsville,” where she’ll play a young woman, Toni.

Watch for Highdee Kuan, also set to star in the highly anticipated Netflix series, “The Brothers Son” in 2024. She’s one to watch out for!

Highdee Kuan Biography/wiki

Full NameHighdee Kuan
Age26 year old
Date of BirthMay 3, 1998
Birth PlaceSan Francisco, California, United States
Material statusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameAndre

Who is Highdee Kuan?

Highdee Kuan: The Shining Star of 'Quantum Leap' and 'Proximity'

Highdee Kuan lights up the screen with her talent. Born in a city known for its bridges, she’s flown far. Her gift for languages makes her unique. She can act in two tongues; wow! Highdee isn’t just any actress.

She dives deep into her roles, making us believe every word. From playing a NASA engineer to a rebel commander, she’s done it all. Fans everywhere can’t get enough of her. With every show and movie, she earns more cheers.

Her journey in movies and TV shows is like a thrilling book. You can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds. Highdee Kuan, remember the name. She’s on a path to more fame.

Highdee Kuan Education

Highdee Kuan was super innovative and creative. After moving around, she decided to chase her dreams back in California. There, she joined the University of California, San Diego. She didn’t just pick any major. Nope, she went for theatre and visual arts.

That’s because she loves acting and making things look pretty. But she didn’t stop there. Highdee also went to lots of classes and workshops. She wanted to learn everything about acting. This helped her get ready for all kinds of auditions.

She was super busy but loved every minute. Highdee was like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge. She knew it would help her shine even brighter on screen.

Highdee Kuan Family

Highdee Kuan family is pretty cool. Her mom and dad are Cassandra and Robert Smith. They sound like awesome people. She also has a brother, Ryan Smith. He must be fun to hang out with. Highdee and Ryan probably had lots of adventures growing up.

Imagine the games they played and the stories they created. Her parents must be super proud of her. Going from playing in the backyard to starring in TV shows and movies is a big deal. Her family probably cheers the loudest when they watch her.

It’s like having your fan club at home. With such a supportive bunch, Highdee can take on any challenge. They’re like a team, always there for each other.

Highdee Kuan: The Shining Star of 'Quantum Leap' and 'Proximity'

Highdee Kuan Husband/boyfriend

Highdee Kuan found love with Andre in 2021. He’s not just any guy. He makes music and produces it, too. They met, and sparks flew everywhere. Now, they’re a team, sharing their life online. Instagram and Twitter are where they show their love.

Cute photos and fun videos fill their feeds. It’s not just about them, though. They have a dog, Coco, who’s super adorable. Coco is like their little fur baby, permanently joining their adventures. Andre and Highdee enjoy exploring new places together.

Whether it’s a cityscape or the calm countryside, they’re there. Highdee shares lots of laughter and music with Andre. They create a harmony that’s beautiful to see. Love, music and a cute dog make their world go round.

Highdee Kuan Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Highdee Kuan: The Shining Star of 'Quantum Leap' and 'Proximity'
Weight53 Kg
Height5 Feet 5 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde


Highdee Kuan has super cool roots. Her family comes from China, which is far away. This means she’s got Chinese heritage, making her unique. In addition, growing up in different places added more to her story.

San Francisco was her first home, a city entirely of different people. Then, moving to the Netherlands added another layer. Imagine all the new things she learned there! Highdee’s background is like a colourful quilt. Each piece tells a part of her story.

From the foods she might love to the traditions she cherishes. Her ethnicity is a big part of who she is. It influences her roles and how she sees the world. Isn’t it incredible how our backgrounds shape us? Highdee Kuan shows us how beautiful that can be.


Did you know Highdee Kuan has some fun secrets? First off, she can juggle! Yes, juggle. She learned when she was ten. Also, Highdee loves roller coasters. The faster and scarier, the better for her. She’s a real thrill-seeker. And here’s a sweet fact. Highdee’s first job was at a candy store.

She says it was the best job ever. Imagine being surrounded by candy all day! Plus, she’s an excellent cook specializing in Chinese dishes. Her friends always want dinner at her place. Oh, and Highdee has a quirky talent. She can mimic any animal sound.

Her friends think it’s hilarious. Lastly, she’s a bookworm. Her favourite book? “Harry Potter.” She’s read the series five times. Highdee’s not just an actress; she’s full of surprises!

Before Fame

Before she was famous, Highdee Kuan was just like us. She loved playing make-believe and dressing up. Acting was her dream, even as a little girl. In school, she joined all the plays she could. Everyone said she shined on stage, even then.

After school, she’d rush home to watch her favourite shows. She practised acting in front of her mirror, learning lines. Her family saw her passion and cheered her on. They knew she’d be a star one day. Highdee also loved writing stories and acting them out.

Her friends became her first audience, always eager to see her perform. It wasn’t always easy, but she never gave up. Her journey to fame began with those small steps, proving hard work pays off.

Highdee Kuan Career

Highdee Kuan: The Shining Star of 'Quantum Leap' and 'Proximity'

Highdee Kuan’s acting journey is super exciting. In 2020, she wowed us as Sarah in “Proximity.” She played an intelligent NASA engineer with a big secret. Next, in 2022, she lent her voice to Kaya. Kaya is a brutal rebel commander in “Birds of Empire.” Now, Highdee is tackling two cool projects.

She’s diving into the world of “Quantum Leap: The Scientist.” Plus, she’s filming “Welcome to Reedsville,” where she’s Toni, a brave young lady. But wait, there’s more! She’s also gearing up for “The Brothers Son.” It’s a Netflix series we all can’t wait to see in 2024.

Highdee Kuan is truly making waves in acting. She shows us all how dreams can come true with hard work.

The Brothers Sun” Netflix role

Highdee Kuan plays Alexis Kong in “The Brothers Son.” It’s a fantastic Netflix show. It started on January 4, 2024. The story is a criminal thriller. It’s about a family from Taiwan who are living in America. They get mixed up in a big gang fight. The fight is not just in one place. It goes all the way across the ocean.

Highdee’s character, Alexis, is essential. She shows how families stick together. Even when things get super scary. Alexis is brave and intelligent. She helps her family a lot. The show makes you sit on the edge of your seat.

You’ll want to watch every episode. “The Brothers Son” is a must-see for everyone. Highdee Kuan makes Alexis come to life. She’s a big reason the show is so good.

Highdee Kuan Net Worth

Highdee Kuan has done well for herself. Guess what? She’s got an estimated net worth of $5 million. That’s a lot of money! She made this fortune by acting in movies and TV shows. Plus, her voice acting adds to it too. It’s like her talent in acting has a magic touch.

Everything she does turns to gold. Also, her roles in big projects pile up the cash. Each new show or movie boosts her bank account even more. And remember, she’s always working on something new.

This means her net worth might go up, up, up! It’s cool to see how hard work pays off, right? Highdee Kuan shows us that chasing dreams can lead to treasure.

Highdee Kuan’s Favorite Things

Reading Magic

Highdee loves diving into books. Her all-time favourite is “Harry Potter.” She’s read it five times!

Thrill Rides

She seeks adventure on roller coasters. The scarier and faster, the better for her.

Candy Land

Working in a candy store was her dream job. Sweet treats are still her go-to snacks.

Animal Sounds

Highdee has a quirky talent. She can mimic any animal sound, which makes everyone laugh.

Cooking Time

She’s an excellent cook, especially when it comes to Chinese dishes. Friends love dinner at her place.

Juggling Act

Believe it or not, Highdee can juggle! She learned this nifty trick when she was ten years old.

Music Moments

With her boyfriend, Andre, music fills their home. They share lots of laughter and songs.

Puppy Love

Coco, their adorable dog, is like their little fur baby. Coco joins in on all their adventures. Highdee Kuan finds joy in simple things. Her interests are as diverse as her talents, from books to roller coasters.

Fun Facts about Highdee Kuan

  • Highdee Kuan is more than just a fantastic actress.
  • She’s also super fun. Did you know she’s got a green thumb? Yes, she loves gardening.
  • Growing flowers and veggies is her thing.
  • Also, she’s a yoga enthusiast.
  • Stretching and meditating keep her chill.
  • On weekends, she’s often found hiking.
  • Nature is her happy place, for sure.
  • Highdee’s got a collection of hats.
  • From beanies to berets, she loves them all.
  • And here’s a fantastic bit: she’s learning to play the ukulele.
  • Her music videos might be the next big hit.
  • In addition, she enjoys painting. Her artwork is colourful and bright. Highdee Kuan is full of surprises, making her even more enjoyable.


Where did Highdee Kuan grow up? 

Highdee Kuan’s first home was in San Francisco, California. Then, her family moved to the Netherlands. So, she grew up in two cool places!

Who is Alexis Kong in “The Brothers Son”?

 Alexis Kong is a brave and intelligent character. She helps her family a lot when they face big troubles. Highdee Kuan brings her to life on screen.

Who plays Alexis Kong? 

The talented Highdee Kuan plays Alexis Kong. She’s fantastic in the role and makes the show exciting.


In short, She’s super talented and busy. With roles in big movies and TV shows, she’s a star. Highdee’s journey from a little girl to a famous actress is extraordinary. She shows us that dreams can come true with hard work.

Also, she loves doing fun things like juggling and painting. Plus, her love story with Andre is charming. They share music, laughs, and adventures with their dog. Highdee’s about more than just acting. She enjoys life’s simple joys, too.

She’s grateful for her family’s support and her fans’ love. Remember Highdee Kuan’s name. She’s going to do even more amazing things. Keep watching her movies and shows. You’ll be glad you did.

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