The Sad Loss of Fred Van Der Weij: Mastermind of the Air Fryer

Have you ever heard of the air fryer? Well, you can thank Fred Van Der Weij for that fantastic invention! He was a brilliant businessman and innovator from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Born on April 12, 1962, he was 63 years old at the time of his passing on November 30, 2020. It was a sad day for air frying when we lost this mastermind. Fred Van Der Weij’s air fryer revolutionized how we cook food, making it healthier and more convenient.

He changed the game with simple but genius ideas and made cooking more accessible for everyone. His impact will be felt for generations to come.

Let’s take a moment to remember and honor the man behind the air fryer, Fred Van Der Weij.

Fred Van Der Weij’s Biography/wiki

Real NameFred Van Der Weij
Nick NameFred
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseWeij Donnars
Date of BirthApril 12, 1962
Birth PlaceRotterdam, Netherlands
Zodic SignNot Available
Age61 Years (As of 2022)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 Feet, 8 Inches
Area of IntrestInnovation and Science

Who Was Fred Van Der Weij?

The Sad Loss of Fred Van Der Weij: Mastermind of the Air Fryer

Fred Van Der Weij was a super intelligent guy from the Netherlands. He had a big brain for inventing stuff, especially the air fryer. Think of him as a superhero, but he fought dull and unhealthy cooking instead of fighting crime.

He lived in a cool place called Rotterdam and thought a lot about improving our food. And then, boom! He came up with the air fryer. This wasn’t just any invention. It was a game-changer. It made cooking fun, easy, and healthier. So, every time you munch on those crispy fries without the grease, remember Fred.

He made it happen with his creativity and hard work. Fred’s idea wasn’t just brilliant; it was magical. He showed us that we can change the world, or at least the kitchen, with a bit of imagination. So, next time you use your air fryer, give a little thanks to Fred. He did something special for all of us.

Fred Van Der Weij’s Education

As a kid, Fred was super curious. His mom and dad, an engineer and a teacher, always got him excited about learning all sorts of stuff.

Technology was like a magnet for him. It was no surprise when he decided to zoom into Delft College of Technology. Here, he dived deep into computer science. It was like his brain was made for this stuff. He wasn’t just good; he was amazing.

School was like his superhero training ground. And guess what? He totally rocked it. After graduation, Fred didn’t just sit around. He leaped into the world of business with his super inventor cape on. This was just the beginning of his journey to becoming the air fryer guy we all admire.

Fred Van Der Weij’s Family

Fred came from a super cool family. His dad, Johan Van Der Weij, knew lots about making things. He was a mechanical engineer. His mom, Anna Van Der Weij, taught kids in school. She was super smart too. Fred was the oldest kid at home.

He had two younger siblings. They all looked up to him. He got his brainy bits from his parents, for sure. Also, he loved tinkering with stuff, just like his dad. And from his mom, he learned how to share ideas clearly. Together, they were a team of thinkers and doers.

Fred’s family was his first team. They encouraged him to dream big and work hard. And wow, did he make those dreams come true! His family must have been so proud of him and the air fryer.

What a cool invention to be remembered by. Thanks to them, Fred became the genius we all admire today.

Fred Van Der Weij’s Girlfriend/Wife

Fred Van Der Weij had a particular partner, Mariette van der Weij-Donnars. They were a super team. Mariette was like his sidekick, always there for him.

Together, they took on the world. She gave him the boost he needed to invent the air fryer. Life threw lots of challenges at them. But they just smiled and pushed through. Their love was strong and true. Every step of Fred’s journey, Mariette was right by his side.

They shared tons of laughs and happy moments. Building a life filled with joy was challenging. Yet, they made it look like a piece of cake. Their bond was unique, filled with support and strength. Through thick and thin, they had each other’s backs.

Indeed, Mariette played a significant role in making Fred the legend he became. Together, they cooked up a storm of love and invention.

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Fred Van Der Weij was from the Netherlands, which is super cool. The Netherlands is a European country, so Fred was European.
People from there have all sorts of backgrounds. But we’re talking about more than where you’re from. It’s also about the mix of cultures and traditions you grow up with. Fred’s ideas, like the air fryer, were probably influenced by his Dutch culture.

In the Netherlands, they love innovative stuff and are good at technology. Also, Dutch people enjoy tasty but healthy food. That’s a big reason why the air fryer was such a hit! It makes yummy food without all the grease.

So, Fred’s Dutch background helped him think up something so incredible. His ethnicity was a part of him, just like our backgrounds are a part of us. Thinking about how our origins can inspire us to do amazing things is neat.

The Sad Loss of Fred Van Der Weij: Mastermind of the Air Fryer


Guess what? Here are some fun facts about Fred Van Der Weij! First off, did you know he wasn’t a chef? Yet, he invented the air fryer. That’s super cool!

Also, Fred loved to bike around Rotterdam. It’s where he got some of his best ideas. Plus, he had a thing for old movies. He said they sparked his creativity.

Fred also enjoyed playing chess. He thought it helped with problem-solving. And here’s a quirky one – he collected vintage calculators. Fred said each one told a story of innovation.

Lastly, Fred once admitted he wasn’t good at cooking eggs. Imagine that! The guy who made our kitchens better struggled with eggs. Isn’t that funny? Fred Van Der Weij sure was an interesting person, with a mind full of surprises.

Before Fame

The Sad Loss of Fred Van Der Weij: Mastermind of the Air Fryer

Before Fred Van Der Weij became famous, he was just like us. He went to school and learned cool stuff every day. But, even back then, Fred was super into inventing things.

He always had awesome ideas popping in his head. Sometimes, he would make little gadgets out of stuff he found around the house. His friends thought his creations were really neat.

Also, Fred loved to ask “why” and “how” about everything. This made him super good at figuring things out. Plus, he was always reading books about inventors and scientists.

They were like his heroes. He dreamed of doing something big, just like them. Little did he know, his dream was about to come true. All his curiosity and hard work were about to pay off.

Soon, the whole world would know his name. And it all started with his passion for making things better. Fred was on his way to inventing the air fryer, and he didn’t even know it yet!

Fred Van Der Weij’s Career

Fred Van Der Weij’s work life was super cool. He started with big dreams right after school. First, he used his tech knowledge to innovate. Then, he thought about how we all cook and eat. With bright ideas, he set off on his path. Soon, he found a way to make us all laugh.

He invented the air fryer, a kitchen hit. This wasn’t just luck; it took a lot of grit. Fred worked hard, day and night, you see. He wanted to make cooking as easy as can be. His invention made him famous all around. People loved it in every town.

Fred’s career shows us with hard work, we can soar. And change the world; who knows what’s in store? He proved with creativity, we can go far. Thanks to him, we’re all air-frying stars.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fred Van Der Weij was like a superhero in business. He had the superpower of seeing what others couldn’t. He wasn’t scared to try new things. That’s what made him an excellent entrepreneur.

He believed in his air fryer idea so much. He knew it could make our meals healthier and yummier even when it was just a sketch on paper. And guess what? He was right!

Fred’s journey could have been smoother sailing, though. But he never gave up. Instead, he kept pushing forward. He was constantly tweaking and testing. Making sure his air fryer was perfect. This determination is what set him apart. He showed us that with a bit of courage, anything’s possible.

His entrepreneurial spirit inspires us to dream big. And to work hard to make those dreams come true. Just like Fred, we can invent things that change the world. Or at least make dinner a lot more fun.

The Sad Loss of Fred Van Der Weij: Mastermind of the Air Fryer

Legacy and Impact

Fred Van Der Weij did something super big. He invented the air fryer. And boy, did that change kitchens everywhere. Now, we can eat yummy fries without the grease.

Plus, cooking is faster and way healthier. This is huge. Fred’s idea was more than just excellent. It started a whole new way of cooking. People all over love his invention. Even now, after he’s gone, we still use it. Every time we air fry, we remember Fred.

His work keeps making our meals better. It’s like he’s still here, helping us in the kitchen. Fred showed us that one good idea can make a big difference.

Thanks to him, we’re eating better and having fun cooking. That’s a pretty remarkable legacy to leave behind. So, here’s to Fred Van Der Weij. The air fryer guy who changed the game

Fred Van Der Weij Net Worth

Guess what? Fred Van Der Weij was pretty rich. His net worth was a huge $4.5 million. Every year, he made $225k. That’s a lot of money! Each month, his income was $19k. And get this, every day he earned $625. Isn’t that amazing? Fred’s air fryer idea really paid off.

He worked super hard and it showed. Because of his smart invention, he could make that much. Imagine all the air fryers sold around the world. They helped make his wallet pretty thick. Fred showed us that great ideas can make you successful.

Plus, he proved you can do what you love and be rich. That’s super inspiring for anyone who dreams big. Fred Van Der Weij’s story teaches us to keep inventing. Who knows? Maybe one day, we could be as successful as him.

YearsNet Worth (In USD)
2024$5 Million
2023$4.5 Million
2022$3.7 Million
2021$2.5 Million
2020$2 Million


What did Fred van der Weij invent?

Fred van der Weij is the smart cookie who invented the Airfryer in 2010. That means he created the first one ever!

Who created Airfryer?

Airfryer was invented by Fred van der Weij. He’s like a kitchen wizard!

What was the first air fryer?

The first Airfryer popped into the world in 2010, thanks to inventor Fred van der Weij. It was a big hit!

Who was the first fryer?

It MightIt could be confusing. If you’re asking about the cooking method, frying food has been around for thousands of years, but Fred van der Weij made the first Airfryer.

Why is it called Airfryer?

It’s called an Airfryer because it uses hot air to cook food. So, instead of soaking your fries in oil, you can get them crispy with just air! Super cool, right?


Meet Fred Van Der Weij, the ingenious inventor making waves in the world of gadgetry. He is a real-life superhero who uses his creativity to make our lives easier and more fun. His determination to never give up sets him apart, even when things get tough.

His brilliance and willingness to share his ideas make him a role model for aspiring inventors everywhere. Fred’s work not only makes our lives easier but also positively impacts society. He is always coming up with new ideas to improve our world.

Imagine if we all had some of Fred’s inventiveness; the possibilities would be endless. Fred Van Der Weij is the friendly inventor next door, paving the way for an exciting future.

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