What is Billy Kemper Net Worth? Age, Career, Family 2024

Curious to know about Billy Kemper Net Worth? then you are on right page. Billy Kemper is a cool guy. He’s from Hawaii and a surfer, which is super awesome. He won a big competition in 2019 called the Jaws Big Wave Championships, which took place in Maui, Hawaii.

That’s where he’s from, so he probably knows those waves well. I bet he’s good at surfing. He was born on April 14, 1990, and is around 33. I hope he’s taller than me. Anyway, I heard that Billy Kemper has a lot of money. Like, a lot. They call it net worth.

He could buy all the surfboards and beach gear he wants with it. Wow, I wish I could be a surfer like Billy Kemper and have much money.

Billy Kemper Biography/Wiki

Real Name/Full Name Billy Kemper
Profession Surfer
Famous Surfer
Age (in March 2024) 33 Years
Date Of Birth/Birthdate April 14, 1990
Birthplace Maui, Hawaii
Birth Sign Aries
Nationality/From Hawaii
Gender Male

Who is Billy Kemper?

Billy Kemper net worth is a famous surfer from Hawaii. He loves riding giant waves. In 2019, he won a big contest called the Jaws Big Wave Championships. This event was in Maui, where Billy grew up.

He must feel really at home on those giant waves! Besides that big win, Billy also shone back in 2010. He grabbed the top spot at the 4-star HIC Pro at Sunset Beach.

This victory made him the number-one surfer in the ASP Hawaii Region for that year. That’s pretty cool. Billy’s life had some tough times, too.

His parents split up in 1998 when he was just a little kid. But he didn’t let that stop him from following his dreams. Billy has some favourite foods like sushi and Hawaiian dishes.

When it comes to music, he likes a mix of country and rap. He has a pretty exciting taste!

What is Billy Kemper Net Worth? Age, Career, Family 2024

Billy Kemper Education

Billy Kemper Net worth values learning a lot. He hasn’t talked much about his school days. But it’s clear he’s smart, especially about surfing.

He learned how to ride big waves, which is super hard. Maybe his school had a surfing club, or he was too busy catching waves to join one. What we do know is his life lessons came from the ocean.

The sea was like his classroom, and the waves were his teachers. This kind of education only happens doesn’t in a regular school.

It’s all about the hard work he mentioned and chasing what you love. Billy’s story shows us that school and your dreams are important. So, while we might not know which school he attended, we know he’s learned much from life.

Billy Kemper Family

Billy’s family has seen both tough and happy times. In 1998, his parents went their separate ways. This must have been hard for him as a kid. But things got even more challenging in 2017.

That year, doctors told Billy’s mom, Lisa, she had a terrible sickness in her throat. At first, they thought it was the worst stage, Stage 4. But then, they discovered it was Stage 3, which gave them a little hope. Billy wanted to help, so he started a GoFundMe.

People were super kind, and it raised $50K in just a month. Sadly, despite her fight, Billy’s mom passed away in 2018. Later that year, Billy found happiness again.

He married Tahiti Kemper, and they now have four kids. Billy’s family has been a big part of his story through ups and downs.

Billy Kemper’s Girlfriend/Wife

Billy met his beautiful wife, Tahiti Kemper, and they clicked immediately. They decided to get married and start a family together. Now, they are the proud parents of four amazing kids.

Their journey wasn’t always easy, but they’ve navigated the ups and downs together. Their family is super important to Billy.

They’re his team, supporting him on and off the waves. Tahiti and the kids cheer for Billy at his competitions. They’re his biggest fans. Having his family by his side means everything to him.

Plus, they all love the beach too. Billy’s passion for surfing is something they can enjoy as a family. Together, they share lots of adventures and make happy memories.

Billy Kemper Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Billy Kemper Net worth looks tall. But remember, it’s not just how you look that makes you awesome; it’s what you do, too! Billy’s cool because he surfs big waves, not just because of his looks. But since we’re curious,

Feature Measurement
Height About 6 feet (That’s taller than most refrigerators!)
Weight Around 180 pounds (Like, imagine lifting 180 one-pound bags of sugar!)
Hair Color Dark Brown (Just like chocolate, yum!)
Eye Color Brown (Kinda like the color of the sand on a sunny day)

He’s fit because surfing big waves is like a super workout. Plus, being tall helps him balance better on his surfboard.

He spends much time in the sun and has that sunny, beachy vibe. Oh, and don’t forget, his smile is super cool, especially when discussing surfing and his adventures.

He looks super happy with his family or out on the waves. That’s the best look anyone can have!


Billy Kemper net worth has an excellent background. He comes from Hawaiian roots. This means he’s part of the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

It’s a place full of unique cultures and traditions. Being Hawaiian, Billy is connected to a rich heritage. This includes incredible stories and practices of the Hawaiian people.

It’s like having a super exciting family history. Hawaii is known for its love of the ocean. So, it’s no surprise Billy became a fantastic surfer.

His ethnicity plays a big part in who he is. It gives him a special connection to the sea and surfing. Plus, Hawaii’s spirit of aloha is all about kindness and friendship.

Billy’s Hawaiian heritage helps him be a good friend and family guy. It’s incredible to think about how our backgrounds shape us.


Billy Kemper net worth a surfing hero, faced a considerable challenge. He had a scary accident while surfing in Morocco. His pelvis broke, and his lung collapsed.

Plus, his knee got hurt. At first, doctors used a phone light to see his injuries. That sounds so scary! Later, in a bigger hospital, they found more problems.

Billy had to fly back to the US to get better help. Everyone wondered if he could surf again. But guess what? By June, he was back, surfing easy waves with his family in Waikiki.

Even after such a big scare, Billy didn’t give up. He wants to win more competitions. Billy’s story teaches us to keep trying, no matter what.

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Before Fame

Billy Kemper net worth didn’t just wake up famous. Nope, his journey started way before the big waves came calling. As a kid, Billy loved the ocean.

He spent hours watching it, learning from it. Like he was preparing for something big, even back then, it was sometimes smooth sailing, though. Billy had to work super hard. He practiced surfing every chance he got.

This wasn’t just fun and games; it was severe dedication. Imagine, while other kids were playing video games, Billy was out there, mastering the waves. His hard work started to pay off, bit by bit.

He entered small competitions, always aiming higher. And, you know what? It wasn’t just talent; it was his never-give-up attitude.

This dedication set the stage for his future wins.  So, before fame, Billy was this super determined kid with a dream. A dream to ride the giant waves and make a name for himself. And, boy, did that dream come true!

Billy Kemper Career

Billy Kemper net worth has done some fantastic things in surfing. He first made waves in 2010, winning the HIC Pro at Sunset Beach.

That victory put him at the top as the number one surfer in the ASP Hawaii Region. Over the years, Billy has earned lots of awards. He’s been recognized for his incredible rides and even some wipeouts.

In 2012, he won the Steep & Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge award. Billy lights up the water every winter, especially during the Triple Crown of Surfing.

The big moment came in December 2015. He won the World Surf League Big Wave Tour’s Pe’Ahi Challenge in Maui. His performance was historic, with epic drops and a massive barrel ride.

Billy won the Big Wave Tour Champion title in 2017/2018 and became the Sunset Open Champion in 2018. He’s a three-time Peahi Challenge champion.

His career is filled with incredible moments, like the XXL Ride of the Year awards he snagged in 2010 and 2014. Let’s remember the XXL Wipeout of the Year in 2013. Billy Kemper net worth, indeed, rides like a legend.

Billy Kemper Net Worth

Billy Kemper net worth is good at surfing. That’s how he makes his money. In 2020, he had $20 million.

That’s a lot of ice cream! Then, in 2021, he got a little more. He had $20.5 million. It’s like he found more treasure.

By 2022, his treasure grew to $21 million. He must be saving a lot. Now, in 2023, he has $21.5 million. His money keeps growing, just like a magic beanstalk.

Each year, he adds more coins to his pile. It’s super cool to see numbers go up. Billy works hard, and it shows in his net worth.

He must be happy to see his savings grow. Every year, he gets a bit richer. It’s like a yearly surprise.

Billy Kemper Hobbies

  • Surfing big waves (Of course!)
  • Playing guitar (Imagine him chilling on the beach with his guitar)
  • Skateboarding (It’s like surfing, but on land)
  • Fishing (Catching dinner Hawaiian style)
  • Cooking (Maybe he cooks what he catches?)
  • Yoga (Gotta stay flexible for those waves)
  • Hiking (Exploring Hawaii’s incredible mountains)
  • Playing video games (Surfers need chill time too)
  • Reading (About the ocean, maybe?)
  • Photography (Capturing those epic wave moments)
  • Traveling (Finding new waves around the world)
  • Drawing (Doodling surfboards and waves)
  • Listening to music (Country and rap, remember?)
  • Snorkeling (Checking out what’s under those waves)
  • Building sandcastles (Just kidding, but maybe with his kids!)

Billy Kemper’s Favorite Things

  • Big waves: He loves surfing them more than anything!
  • Sushi: It’s super yummy and one of his favorite foods.
  • Hawaiian dishes: He enjoys the flavors of his home.
  • Guitar jams: Playing guitar relaxes him and sounds excellent.
  • Beach days with family: Nothing beats fun under the sun with loved ones.
  • Yoga: It helps him stay bendy and strong for surfing.
  • Country music: He likes it as much as he likes rap.
  • Hiking in Hawaii: Exploring the mountains gives him adventure.
  • Video games: On days when the waves are calm.
  • Photography: Capturing the beauty of the waves and his surfing moments.
  • Traveling to new places: Always looking for new waves.
  • Reading about the ocean: To learn more and dream about waves.
  • Skateboarding: It’s his go-to activity when not in the water.
  • Cooking: Especially what he catches while fishing.
  • Snorkeling: Seeing what’s beneath the waves is super cool.

Fun Facts about Billy Kemper Net worth

  • Billy once surfed a wave that was taller than a school bus!
  • He has a lucky surfboard that he named “Magic.”
  • Billy’s favorite color is ocean blue (no surprise there!).
  • He once met a famous singer at the beach but was too shy to say hi.
  • Billy can hold his breath underwater for almost 2 minutes!
  • When he was little, he wanted to be a lifeguard.
  • His first job was teaching little kids how to surf.
  • Billy loves chocolate chip pancakes before a big surf day.
  • He’s scared of spiders, but not giant waves.
  • Billy has a collection of shells from beaches all over the world.
  • He rescued a baby sea turtle and helped it return to the ocean.
  • Billy’s been on a TV show about surfing heroes.
  • He can make an excellent impression of a dolphin.
  • Billy has a secret recipe for the best beach snack mix.
  • Every year, he tries to learn something new that’s not about surfing (like juggling!).

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Billy Kemper?

He’s 33 years old since he was born in 1990.

Where is Billy Kemper net worth from?

He’s from Maui, Hawaii. That’s in the middle of the ocean!

What did Billy Kemper net worth win?

He won the Jaws Big Wave Championships in 2019. It’s a huge surfing competition!

Does Billy Kemper have a family?

Yep! He has a wife named Tahiti, and they have four kids. They’re a big, happy family.

What’s Billy Kemper’s net worth?

As of 2023, it’s about $21.5 million. That’s a lot of money!

How tall is Billy Kemper net worth ?

He’s about 6 feet tall. That’s taller than most refrigerators!

What are some of Billy Kemper net worth hobbies?

He likes surfing (obviously), playing guitar, skateboarding, and other cool stuff.

What’s Billy Kemper net worth favorite food?

He loves sushi and Hawaiian dishes. Yum!

Did Billy Kemper net worth have any significant accidents?

Yes, he had a scary accident in Morocco where he hurt his pelvis and knee, but he got back to surfing.

What’s a remarkable fact about Billy Kemper net worth?

He once surfed a wave taller than a school bus

How did Billy Kemper net worth become a surfer?

He has loved the ocean since childhood and has worked hard at surfing.

Does Billy Kemper net worth play any instruments?

Yes, he plays the guitar. Maybe he serenades the waves!

Has Billy Kemper net worth ever been on TV?

Yes, he’s been on a show about surfing heroes. He’s pretty famous!

What does Billy Kemper do to stay fit?

He does yoga, among other activities, to stay flexible and robust for surfing.

Can Billy Kemper cook?

Yes, he likes cooking, especially what he catches when fishing. I bet he makes tasty meals!


Billy Kemper didn’t just wake up famous. Nope, his journey started way before the big waves came calling. As a kid, Billy loved the ocean.

He entered small competitions, always aiming higher. And, you know what? It wasn’t just talent; it was his never-give-up attitude.

This dedication set the stage for his future wins.  So, before fame, Billy was this super determined kid with a dream. A dream to ride the giant waves and make a name for himself. And, boy, did that dream come true!

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