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Curious to know about Barbara Rush Net Worth? then you are on right page. Barbara Rush is an esteemed American actress whose career spans over seven decades, showcasing her versatility and enduring talent.

Born on January 4, 1927, in Denver, Colorado, Rush made a name for herself in Hollywood during the 1950s with her captivating performances in both film and television.

She gained early recognition for her role in the classic sci-fi film “It Came from Outer Space” (1953), establishing herself as a prominent figure in the genre.

Barbara Rush Biography/wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Barbara Rush
Date of Birth January 4, 1927
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado, United States
Occupation Actress
Years Active 1950–present
Spouse(s) 1. Jeffrey Hunter (m. 1950; div. 1955)
2. Warren Cowan (m. 1959; div. 1969)
Children 1 son (Christopher)
1 daughter (Claudia)
Notable Awards Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer – Female (1954)
Famous Films “It Came from Outer Space” (1953)
“The Young Philadelphians” (1959)
“Magnificent Obsession” (1954)
Famous TV Series “Peyton Place”
“All My Children”
Notable Stage Work Broadway and regional theater performances

Who is Barbara Rush?

Barbara Rush is a celebrated American actress born on January 4, 1927, in Denver, Colorado. She gained fame in the 1950s with notable roles in films such as “It Came from Outer Space” and “The Young Philadelphians,” for which she won a Golden Globe.

Rush has had a prolific career spanning over seven decades, transitioning seamlessly between film, television, and stage.

Known for her versatility and enduring talent, she remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, with a legacy marked by both critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

Barbara Rush Education

Barbara Rush received her early education in Santa Barbara, California, where she attended the prestigious Santa Barbara High School. Following her high school graduation, she pursued higher education at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

While at UCSB, she developed a keen interest in acting, which led her to join the university’s theater program.

Her passion and talent for performance were evident early on, paving the way for her subsequent successful career in Hollywood. Her academic background provided a solid foundation for her illustrious journey in the entertainment industry.

Barbara Rush Family

Barbara Rush was born to Barbara Rush Net Worth and Marguerite Rush in Denver, Colorado. She has been married twice, first to actor Jeffrey Hunter from 1950 to 1955, with whom she had a son, Christopher.

Her second marriage was to publicist Warren Cowan in 1959, which lasted until their divorce in 1969; they had a daughter, Claudia. Despite her demanding career, Rush maintained a close-knit family life.

Her children have followed their own paths, with Christopher becoming an actor and writer, and Claudia pursuing a career in journalism. Rush’s family has remained a significant source of support and joy throughout her life.

Barbara Rush’s Husband/Boyfriend

Barbara Rush has had two notable marriages. Her first husband was actor Jeffrey Hunter, whom she married in 1950. The couple had one son, Christopher, before divorcing in 1955.

In 1959, Rush married publicist Warren Cowan, a prominent figure in Hollywood public relations. They had a daughter, Claudia, before their marriage ended in divorce in 1969.

Besides these marriages, there are no widely publicized accounts of long-term relationships or boyfriends. Rush has largely kept her personal life private, focusing on her successful career and family.

Barbara Rush Career

Barbara Rush’s career spans over seven decades, marked by versatility in film, television, and stage. She gained early fame in the 1950s with roles in films like “It Came from Outer Space” and “The Young Philadelphians,” earning a Golden Globe for the latter.

Rush transitioned seamlessly to television, starring in series such as “Peyton Place” and “All My Children.” Her stage work includes acclaimed performances in regional theaters and on Broadway.

Known for her timeless talent and adaptability, Rush remains a respected and beloved figure in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on both classic and contemporary audiences.

Barbara Rush’s Net Worth

Barbara Rush, an acclaimed actress with a career spanning over seven decades, has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This wealth reflects her extensive work in film, television, and theater.

Rush gained prominence in the 1950s with roles in notable films such as “It Came from Outer Space” and “The Young Philadelphians,” for which she received a Golden Globe.

Her successful transition to television and stage further solidified her status in the entertainment industry. Rush’s enduring talent and versatility have not only earned her critical acclaim but also a substantial financial legacy.

Barbara Rush Hobbies

  • Reading: Barbara Rush Net Worth is an avid reader and enjoys delving into novels, biographies, and historical texts.
  • Traveling: She loves exploring new places and cultures, which has enriched her personal and professional life.
  • Gardening: Barbara Rush Net Worth finds relaxation and joy in tending to her garden, nurturing plants and flowers.
  • Theater: Beyond acting, she enjoys watching live theater performances, appreciating the craft from an audience perspective.
  • Painting: She expresses her creative side through painting.
  • Cooking: Barbara Rush Net Worth enjoys experimenting with new recipes and cooking for family and friends.

Barbara Rush’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, admired for its profound themes and storytelling.
  • My favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind,” which is appreciated for its epic narrative and historical significance.

  • Favorite Travel Destination: Paris, cherished for its rich culture, art, and cuisine.
  • Favorite Flower: Roses, beloved for their beauty and fragrance.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Italian, enjoyed for its flavorful and diverse dishes.
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading, as it offers her a means to explore different worlds and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Barbara Rush Net Worth

When was Barbara Rush born?

Barbara Rush Net Worth was born in Denver, Colorado, on January 4, 1927.

What are some of Barbara Rush’s most famous movies?

Some of Barbara Rush Net Worth most famous movies include “It Came from Outer Space” (1953), “The Young Philadelphians” (1959), and “Magnificent Obsession” (1954).

Did Barbara Rush win any awards for her acting?

Barbara Rush won a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer – Female for her role in “It Came from Outer Space” (1953).

How long was Barbara Rush married to her first husband, Jeffrey Hunter?

Barbara Rush Net Worth was married to actor Jeffrey Hunter from 1950 to 1955.

Does Barbara Rush have any children?

Barbara Rush Net Worth has two children: a son named Christopher from her marriage to Jeffrey Hunter and a daughter named Claudia from her marriage to Warren Cowan.

What is Barbara Rush doing now?

As of the latest information available, Barbara Rush Net Worth continues to enjoy retirement while occasionally making public appearances. She remains active


Barbara Rush Net Worth illustrious career, spanning over seven decades, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Barbara Rush Net Worth versatility and talent have captivated audiences worldwide, from her early days in Hollywood to her later ventures in television and stage.

With notable performances in iconic films and acclaimed television series, she has garnered critical acclaim and prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rush’s personal life, marked by enduring relationships and family ties, adds depth to her legacy. As a beloved figure in Hollywood, her contributions continue to be celebrated, ensuring her place in cinematic history for generations to come.

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