Who is Angie Faith? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Have you ever heard of the talented and beautiful Angie Faith? Well, if you haven’t, let me introduce you to this rising star. Born on February 10, 2000, in the United States, Angie Faith is a well-known film actor and model.

She comes from a proud American family and has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry since a young age. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her age, career, family, net worth, and height, so get ready to learn all about the amazing Angie Faith!

Who is Angie Faith?

Who is Angie Faith? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Angie Faith lights up the screen with her acting. She’s not just any actor. Angie has a big dream that started when she was little. Imagine being on big movie posters. That’s Angie for you! She’s also a model, walking in fashion shows. People from all over know her face. It’s not just because she’s pretty.

Angie works super hard. From a young age, she loved acting. Now, she’s living her dream. Every day, she shows us how to chase our dreams. Isn’t that cool? Angie makes us believe anything is possible.

Angie Faith Biography/wiki

Attribute Information
Full Name Angie Faith
Other Name Angie / Angie Chatur
Birthplace Uruguay
Nationality Uruguayans
Date of Birth 10 February 2000
Age 24
Ethnicity Caucasian
Debut Year 2022

Angie Faith’s Early Life

Angie Faith grew up in a fun American family. She loved acting since she was really little. Can you imagine? Even when she was your age, she dreamed of being in movies. Angie was always in school plays. She loved dressing up and pretending to be different characters.

It was her favourite thing to do. Her family cheered her on, watching her shine on stage. They knew she was special. Angie worked hard, practising lines and learning how to be the best. She made sure every role was perfect. Her early love for acting helped her become the star she is today.

Angie Faith’s Family

Angie Faith’s family is super supportive and cool. They always believed in her dreams. Even when she was small, they saw her shine. Her mom and dad went to every school play. They clapped the loudest.

Angie has siblings who cheered too. They practised lines together at home. Her family made sure she never gave up. They are a big reason she’s a star now. Family movie nights are her favourite.

They watch her films, eating popcorn and laughing. Angie loves her family a lot. They are her biggest fans and her strongest support.

Angie Faith’s Husband/boyfriend

Angie Faith is super private about her love life. She hasn’t told the world if she has a boyfriend or a husband. That’s kind of mysterious, right? Just like in movies when you don’t know what will happen next. Angie thinks some things are special. She keeps them just for herself.

It’s like having a secret garden where you can dream. Maybe she has someone special. Or maybe she’s waiting for the perfect person. What’s cool is she focuses on her career. Angie shows us it’s okay to keep some things private. We all have our secret gardens. It’s important to respect that, just like we do for Angie.

Who is Angie Faith? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Angie Faith Height & Physical Appearances

Attribute Information
Weight (Pound) 137
Weight (kg) 62
Height (m) 5 Feet 7 Inches
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Net Worth $190K
Figure 34-26-36

Angie Faith Career

Angie Faith’s journey to fame is like a fairy tale. She started in small school plays. Then she moved on to bigger roles on TV. She’s been in cool movies and fashion shows. Everyone loves seeing her act and model. Angie tries new things, like voice acting.

She’s also been in commercials. Imagine seeing yourself on a big billboard! That’s Angie’s life. She keeps getting better at her craft. Fans can’t wait to see what she does next. Angie’s career is growing super fast. She’s a real-life superstar to many.

Angie Faith Only Fans

Angie Faith has a page called Only Fans. It’s a place where stars share special stuff. They post pictures and stories just for fans. It’s like a secret club for people who support them. Angie shares behind-the-scenes photos there.

She also talks about her day. It’s a cool way for fans to feel close to her. You can see what it’s like to be a movie star! But, Angie makes sure it’s all safe and nice. She wants it to be fun for everyone.

Angie Faith Videos

Angie Faith makes the coolest videos ever. You can find them on YouTube and Instagram. She shares peeks at her acting and modelling. It’s like getting a VIP pass to her world. Angie also posts funny moments. It’s super fun to see her being silly.

Sometimes, she gives tips on acting. It’s awesome for anyone dreaming of being a star. Her videos are a mix of everything. From glam shots to laughing fits, it’s all there. Fans love getting to know the real Angie. She makes sure there’s something for everyone. Watching her videos is like hanging out with a friend.

Angie Faith’s Net Worth

Angie Faith has saved up a lot. Her net worth is almost about $190K. It’s like her own treasure chest. She got this from acting and modelling. With every movie and fashion show, her treasure grows.

She’s not just rich with money but with fans too. Angie’s treasure chest keeps getting bigger and cooler. It’s super exciting to think about what she’ll do next. She’s showing the world what she’s made of!


Angie Faith is proud of where she comes from. She’s all American, born and raised. Her family has roots in the United States. They celebrate traditions from America. Angie loves sharing stories about her heritage. She feels connected to the place she calls home.

It’s a big part of who she is. Her American background shapes her dreams. Angie believes it makes her unique. She embraces it in every role she plays. Her ethnicity is like a special badge of honour. Angie is happy to show it off to the world.

Who is Angie Faith? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


Angie Faith loves ice cream, She can eat it any day. Angie is also scared of spiders, just like many of us. She has a lucky charm bracelet she wears to every audition. It’s super special to her. Angie learned to ride a bike super late, at age 12!

She loves reading comic books before bed. It’s her way to unwind. Angie’s favourite holiday is Halloween because she gets to dress up. She also has a secret talent for painting. Her artwork is cool. Angie’s life is full of fun facts, just like a storybook!

Angie Faith Real Name

Angie Faith is a name for the world. But, her real name is a little secret, just like in a magic show. Only her family and close friends know it. It’s like she has two identities, one for the big screen and another just for her This special name is her very own superhero alias.

She wears it like a cape, feeling super powerful. Having two names is kind of exciting, right? It’s like being part of a secret club. Only a few know the magic word, her real name. It makes Angie’s story even more interesting.


Angie Faith’s Favorite Things

Cozy Movie Nights

Angie loves snuggling up for movie nights. She picks fun, adventurous films.

Walking in Nature

She finds peace in walking through forests and parks. It’s her way to recharge.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking and eating them is a treat. Angie says they’re her comfort food.

Dancing to Pop Music

She can’t resist dancing when her favourite tunes come on. It makes her super happy.


Drawing calms her mind. Angie sketches everything from fashion designs to landscapes.

Beach Days 

Angie adores the sun and sand. She feels free and joyful by the sea.

Fun Facts About Angie Faith

  • AngieFaith is super cool and has neat hobbies.
  • She loves to sing in the shower, just like us.
  • Angie enjoys painting colourful pictures on weekends.
  • It’s like her superpower. She’s a big fan of ice cream, chocolate flavour is her favourite.
  • Angie dreams of travelling to space one day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Angie Faith? 

She was born in 2000, so she’s pretty young.

What movies has Angie been in?

Angie’s starred in some cool movies and TV shows.

Does Angie have any hobbies? 

Yes! She loves ice cream, painting, and dancing.

Who is Angie’s favourite superhero? 

That’s a secret, but she loves reading comic books.

 Is Angie on social media? 

Totally! You can find her on Instagram and YouTube.

How tall is Angie-Faith? 

Her height’s a mystery, just like her real name.

Conclusion About Angie-Faith

Angie-Faith is not just cool but also super talented and has awesome hobbies. I bet you also think painting and singing are fun, right? And who doesn’t love chocolate ice cream? Yum! Remember, Angie also dreams big – like going to space! That shows us we can dream big too.

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